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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Abuser For Existing

 Try not being paranoid. ever since i can remember my parents tactic to control even when i was awake or asleep regardless of assignments and what i had to do was stand out side the door and yell go to bed after watching through the glass block they installed in my highschool bedroom.

their house contaminates my apt so they take everything from me. 

while there they tried to make sure i was either in the tiny room, working for them and stressed to the max bleeding from the eyes running in 6 directions at once. 

so lets when he leaves change the lock with 0 notice having goten 6.3k of IT services done with e veryhing his and his rabbits/bunny friends since 2007.

but in between dare fall asleep with my bunnies in the livingroom and psychotic malice marlene screams because im not in the little room

Bonnie dies lets threaten Clyde. oops that didnt work john lived with him hotel hopping

oh ik lets use maple grove police to make sure he has nothing when we force lease then make snow blow threw the car and then use maple gro ve police to make sure we give him a moldy car 3 hrs after check out on a neg 10 deg day. 

then he can watch clyde lose the ability to walk alone in an empty apt. end up waking up on top of him

ohhhh but hey 6 more months pointlessly laboring on that car under threat to bonnies ahes clyde in his freezer and 43k of his things

hey mgpd wanna suck my nuts you ss inspired fucking losers? all ive done is hold my own in verbal arguments you fuicking sickos you are the reason 2 rabbits and soon a man is dead. 

more respect given than due. though not all deserve that. 

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