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Monday, January 18, 2021

Airport life. Clueless Judge?

The first part of the title is extremely literal.

Dude for what ever reason spent 3 months inside of Chicago o'hare's  check point 😂🤣😂

Didn't want to go home to OC California because he was scared of covid - allegedly 

Good thing he didn't try MSP. If they haven't thrown knees they might still throw u of m Riverside psych ward

You're so anticipate that conversation would go:

(Sorry in advance if you're reading this in California)

OC Rez: like sup Doc yo?hey yo so there's this bummer man virus that shit just doesn't slapp and stuff. like yeah I totally just didn't board.

DR: Boris K - the virus is your delusion of me not making rx kick backs for how I'm about to drug you. Sadly the AG shares your delusion. I'm going to need to detain you indefinitely for delusions of virus 

OC No way doctor man that virus is anti slaps but real bro. If you let me have my phone on can show you.

DR B: patients arnt allowed defence on the ward. You're taking out your delusions on our elderly airport.


But what I find most disturbing about the link back in the land of not fiction is the judges reaction. Airports almost never shut down. Any system in place to catch that was probably highly stressed by Corona if hours were cut shifts were changed etc

 place that never shuts down and usually has people sleeping overnight in it how on Earth would you expect to catch this?

I've got one way, you can do facial recognition on the cameras short of that you're not going to do it reliably and even with that you might not the masks would not make life easy even if you still get an ID from the algorithm the reliability or accuracy is probably way different unless you put a lot a lot a lot of money in the cameras. come to think of it I have no idea at O'Hare but I don't recall seeing a hell of a lot of cameras at MSP once you through the secure area

but the judge seems to have misunderstood it's not that sort of checkpoint. The nature of the never shutting down and the safe zone behind it both of those create well why would you be looking for stuff back there?

Funny thing is last time I flew back from California somehow I get home to my apartment open my carry on bag and I've got a f****** box cutter in my carry-on

No steel beams were harmed in the making of that flight.

I think the fact that I had a bunch of loose wires microchips and a big ass ham radio probably got all of their attention for the time my baby was gone through I didn't intend to fly with it

 was more like wow what the hell?

dumped the bag out and found that

I apologize to idea Fab labs in Chico. I probably have your box trailer well actually Paul and Marlene probably every box cutter a bunch of wheels stuff stuff I made for Will

And my ham radio for that matter actually three of them.which I didn't actually need to bring it figured I'd have more time than I did .I could have had a lot more time if I'd known this was coming ahead of time I worked through most of the after party

But back within flight plan

And say Maple Grove Sergeant Hansen has saved people of California for allowing someone who tried to hold their word and contract he saved you from that misfortune of you know getting what you paid for. Avoid this state like a f****** plague

But as he has re-appropriated my being destroyed radios along with everything else I guess you could say in a roundabout way police enforcing slavery helps TSA😂🤣🤮🤪

Against someone with no intention of harming a flight or anyone on it. Along those same lines $500 less crime $1,000 bail? what I really wonder is does it say anywhere how long you're allowed to stay in there? Any piece of literature distributed their website behind the counter does it say anywhere?

It doesn't say a whole lot about what he does but if he had a laptop with him it's entirely possible he could have worked the whole time as long as O'Hare has Wi-Fi in the terminals or at the gates I didn't check last time I went through it wasn't a very pleasant trip that was before the business trip it was a pleasant trip. Just didn't end well

But hey Paul and Marlene with the help of Maple Grove Police I working on ending me so I don't have any chance requirement desire for anything really let alone correct in anyting living up to anything I did at least as far as the work was concerned can't really say that with interpersonal relations but I wouldn't like to leave it where it's probably going to be left on my death

 (Diff parties that weren't on that trip ) sometimes I wonder who's reading this. I watch the countries and other demographics

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