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Another Aimed At Couples But Covers Topics that apply

thing is arguably they can not love. 

they love the image of you in their head and have no sense of scale or give and take or if they do its superficial at best.

its been known since early 1900s they often view their children as partners/sexual them while playing all the other games

all of this is bad on its own. 

A parents should not base any of their image on love or affection or intelectual attention from a child. in adulthood this can change but id argue its never going to be that way and healthy. 

whats never healthy is if anyone regardless of diagnois is in a postion to endanger your life for not giving them emotional support.maple grove police and henepin county 4th district enable this.

parent to offspring the reversed rolls as far as support go lead to some really corossive things on their own.  Trauma is also known to play a huge roll in adiction. 

what i think is lost on today's folks is court ordered anything is a sentence (say therapy off hearsay, actual evidence and fair hearing is different). Work is already refereed to as wage slavery for middle and lower classes. 

whats wage slavery to rebuy nessicary to maintain life and healthy stuff from someone stealing fellony amounts? how about after trying to outright kill you while poisoning you with your actual example of healthy love in the freezer and then held and or threatened to terrorize and force labor?

well... its why i scream on flashbacks now. shorter way to express that is PSTD. or CPTSD. also refered to as CBT is more profitable , your trauma is...Complex and we wont go there. oh you thought it was going to be cognative behavioral therapy?

indicator my mom has it too ...well theres many but corrupting the young is one. my cousion once told me that when he was a teen she randomly decides at a family function to take him asided and warn him about the dangers of auto erotic asphyxiation.

she also used to want me to sit in the car while she drove by the poor parts of mpls so i could see how others have it. between "my biggest fear was ending up alone under a bridge" 

she was also said to be into putting soap in fountians as a young adult. yeah big woop right? what it demonstrates is causing chaos and potential damage to others for thrill. it also destroys pumps and ends up costing in form of time to clean it up. energy expense and or minor enviormental... but theres the last bit... if everyone did it ... lota soap but shes entitled to taht thrill no?'s%20a,the%20churning%20water%20produces%20suds.

with maple grove police shes entitled to try to push me over a railing and saying "You bastard i brought you into this world i can take you out of it" and slamming a car door on my leg after she wouldnt stop getting closer while calling me crazy ...actually telling me if i yell others might think im unhinged and or crazy... illuding back to her sucess at mental health exploitation of police and esoteric medical world process knowledge...

cptsd and hey

conpiracy to use legal system to harm is supposed to be a crime too. 

I wonder if my aunt has ever wondered if possibly her sister is behind some of the terror over the years. 

paul and marlene also share this: 

"I didnt say that"


then repeat new or old falsehood

but of course that never happened. paul even says he decides what hurts me. we are way past that the point nature and laws of physics dictate high odds things like cancer heart diseapse, type 2 diabities... etc. 


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