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Friday, January 8, 2021

Applied Psych Reframed

 I think what we are witnessing in america is the elite using corporate vehicles (the news, entities that influence edu, entities that influence mental health care) to crumble a nation via infecting the minds of its common people and the political class.

Common guys the band wagon is so last century now we have the train! hop on and git wit us or git dead. 

this poped into my head on the hs trip to france while we were on the paris metro and became something of a ritual for me to hum or an earworm ever since. probably no real meaning to it at the time other than a free association. the cocain part was never relevant. 06 in Niece I saw it once but what was well after it started. common room at a hostile i was on my laptop facing away from a group of brits and aussies, the loud inhale sound through the nose finaly turned through my head as odd and by the time i looked back to investigate one was pocketing a rolled euro note and all looked guilty lol. If you want to know more about it than that ask bush lite. rummor has it he tried it in the airforce a few times, just smelled it to see if it was any good and didnt inhale. wait....

its way more appropriate in the forced way i just integrated it. just thought id share this cause high likely hood i die alone in infested isolation and this site is set to last a few years past when ever that is.

but if you want some links to known history to back this. see Edward Bernays. one of his theories was manufactured or engineered consent its not hard to see a spin off of this could be mfg decent through FUD. Esp when english teachers tell classes interpretation of a message matters more than intent and a fact of human existance known to be easy to mislead has become the ruler of it. 

make us feel right make us feel good. feel bad is sin. give the jones what they want

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