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Awe and wonder in Death and Cancer

 The title is explained at the bottom what's the post it's actually scientific phenomenon. one that humans have perceived in orbit.

I hoped I would see space.

 Even as a young teen in 2001 it had my attention to the extent that when we got this little stray kitty black like the subarb night sky (light pollution) I named him after the heavens

He died in my lap about 14 hrs after this photo in 2017.

In 2013 I had put watching a space x launch in person on my to-do list. I doubt that I'll even see that now.

Maple Grove Police cover misconduct and resultant liability with human trafficking and forced labor

I'm guessing this is only direct deaths. In Minnesota they might order you to a doctor who has no application to review evidence but free range of your medical records. there might have been a 2020 Bill to get rid of the ability to profit off of prescribing which of course requires a diagnosis. I'm not sure if it passed. But that doctor when I was in there was legally able to profit from drugging me while acting as my jailer. It was called RX kickbacks. That comes from the pharmaceutical companies. That's not to say he would have from what he prescribed that I don't know that's really hard to find out

What's not as hard to find out is 25000 for more Americans die every year from mistakes on medical records and by the medical system. If we're giving them powers to detain citizens...
there's ethical issues with or without the conflict-of-interest monetarily speaking.
Sure maybe I'm not qualified to say that but do tell me what qualifications do I have to have to use logic? I have good grades and all of the college credits towards software engineering or computer science and information systems. But I think the bass are issue isn't whether I have qualifications or not it's the suggestion that one might need qualifications to use logic. meanwhile or to use logic.meanwhile the school system is teaching you to write a report based on how you feel. Without logical backing I think it's quite appropriate to say that makes me feel quite scared

Note cats show affection by squinting and double-eye blinks

He died in my lap to the next day I told him it's okay to let go I love you. We were waiting for the vet to come with the shot. I should have just taken him outside and sat with him on that patio.

In visiting him at my parents house I managed to transfer their major mold problem to my apartment. Which resulted in removing back and not realizing it was in fact the source. they know they tried to obscure that for the longest time.

Paul and Marlene are so predatory so incest can corrosive I don't even have the ability to mourn him while Paul literally tells me he owns me.

Maple Grove Police refused to allow crimes on reports. Sometimes refuse to allow a report. Unless it's one that tries to paint me violent. Funny how the state funding is probably in part Base on federal grants for violence against women law.

Funny how the same police arrest a woman for stealing a bottle of wine in arbor lakes in 2019. While they're still helping $43,000 of my things be destroyed.

But hey on the calm side they did tell me it's not illegal to say you own someone.

Paul also assuress me I'm going to jail and when I informed Maple Grove Police have recorded phone calls were Paul and Marlene admit to falsifying police report as weapons I didn't realize at the time it's not just the crime of false police reports oh, there's another crime in there there is supposed to be a punishment for trying to use the legal system as a weapon. I figure that most likely Minnesota realize that that wasn't cost effective to enforce.

Paul and Marlene paid to have their mold fixed November 2018 then January 2019 as I'm about to move to the apartment they picked Force the lease on under threat to a lot of things including myself and will holding all of that value in property having stolen 6300 in services all the sudden snow blows through the car.Bonnie rabbit died after they changed the lock. End of November or December 2019. Her ashes were addressed to me at Paul and Marlene's house. Paul not only opened said package and still holds said package but they've pretended to lose it to threaten me. We've also opened mail including a check made out to me sign my name on it to make sure I don't have control of any funds. They did so with my healthcare in 2019. As the renewal packet came it was pretty clear already that I would be out of this apartment soon due to the landlord not liking the forced labor on their car in the garage. Or I would have filed a change of address.

9 months of 2019 through the death of Clyde rabbit clean our car even though we make the conditions impossible or lose everything.

As predicted that slowly contaminated the apartment here's my bed now. the desk chair is worse so the bed is about all i have to eat sleep lay, write this. 

previous living spaces

apt bedroom during 2017/2018 move back to maple grove.  as per space theme im going to get back to at the bottom, note the nebula. printer would make life a lot easier right now. i dont have it or anything basic. i do have a pet of over a decade in the freezer of an empty kitchen. 

maple grove mn; a town where the police support slavery, human trafficking, animal abuse, assault, forced labor and more. if you are ma and pa turpin what more could you ask for?

Before 2018 vs after 2018 (bellow)

maple grove pd's sargent hanson: I DIDNT SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY (jan 2020)

Clyde at a hotel in 2018

funny how police in minnesota use the medical system as an override and the anti discrimination bill that discriminates... was not only given an Orwellian title but that graphic is straight psych text book word salad inspired. 

Here's what I'm blowing out after 9mo forced labor on moldy car

pic on right is a few days ago. Whats compounded this is the nothing in the kitchen but Clyde in the freezer means my diet might as well be literal SHIT. Which not just old folks but med sci knows decreases immune function. 

Bonnie is on top Clyde is on the bottom. Clyde is  my now in my freezer

They stole my compound miter saw as I modified this air mover. Which was necessary for drying out the car if i had a shot in hell after treating it.  I had bought with money i made from the web server job while at hotels and turned into a HEPA filter. It came with a black grill which i removed and using plexi glass created a cup for a 14x14 hvac filter. I should have had washers but really none of this should be my issue. nor should i have predo and malaice committing felony level thefts to impede dealing with the issue forced labor created. I was modifying it to take a 14x20 filter as 14x14 doesnt have deep varities and the 3 or 4in deep filters last a lot longer due to surface area (due to pleating) . to save money i was doing it distructively (ripping the walls off the first mod.) so hey lets steal his desktop, mig welder and compound miter saw april 2020 after makeing sure he couldnt make the march 2020 OFP Hearing. 

One day in 2020 few months ago Paul had sent a text that I read when I woke up saying I need to do hid maintenance on his car I go down to the garage in the apartment and there's tape over the light I think he forgot that the display would say what the error. the rear passenger side tire was 10 lbs low

On the right hand side link bar you might notice I have a link covering previous apartments Ive had.

 Paul Marlene tried to play it like I've never left their house. I think this was the lie told that gained mgpds participation in the illegal 0 notice lock out 8 mo after i moved in.

In fact I left their house  so soon after turning 18 I was 4,200 miles away the summer before I start at NDSU in 2006. I hopped on a plane alone and spent 45 days backpacking Europe. I paid for that I was doing computer support and telemarketing mortgage refinance at $11 an hour. two dozen home clients forI.T. support at 30 to 35 an hourfor small businesses and at that point I was charging $75 for the first hour and that's just regular clients. I helped far more people and businesses than that.
My first client I got in 2004 I had until 2013.

I was giving my saw back at one point only to have it stolen with my desktop computer and my MIG welder April 2020 the hardware value alone is around $1,000 if not say 200 over.on that computer one software suite alone was $2,000 when I bought it new that was adobe creative suite 4 Master collection. 

Sergeant Hansen either lacks the mental capacity or taunts me when he asks why I can't just learn how I used to earn without my things.

Which is it bro retarded or you like making fun of people you're killing?

I suppose they aren't mutually exclusive did know what a micro expression was but there are different categories of intelligence.

this was the master bedroom door in 2018 at Paul and Marlene's house. If you doubt she was dragging stuff into the NICU... the photo on left was the guest bedroom before i moved back in my bedroom when i did and or when photo was taken. look closer there are mushrooms in the owens corning cotton candy. insulation tends to trap dust that can feed it even if fiber glass cant. thats the pipe access for the tub on the other side of the wall. mold likes cold condensing places and if youve ever noticed condensation on pipes...  

Maple Grove Police cover people that endanger sick newborns in St Paul. While helping human traffic enslave and murder their own offspring

Inside the walls around April 2018

Cosmos and I are about where the couch ends in the photo in the middle and facing 90deg to the right (perspective wise). first photo is after november 2018. Cosmos was end of 2016 or some time in 2017. we are facing the wall that seperates the room pictured bellow. theres maybe 6 ft of wall not visable in the photo above and left but if you count studs... even whats shown is a significant distance and huge mold problem. also note lack of carpet. part of the issue was the gray floor paint. vapor barrier. finishing their basement in 2001 they selected a vapor barrier carpet pad. this created a space moisture was trapped. 
first of 3 of the photos above is one end of the back of the house. the corner in this photo is the other. 

November 2018. The area with the sheetrock removed had been covered or rocked since 2001. coincidentally the photo above was also my high-school bedroom. Relative to the rest of the world that's the back wall of the house. it extended nearly the entire length.

this was taken at about the doorway; the photo of cosmos in 2016 or 17 is looking at that doorway from basement living room. the door is off screen to the right of the glass block.  

I received the ripped open wall photo via picture message nov 2018. Paul and Marlene had used falsified and exaggerated police reports to trigger an emergency medical hold executed illegally. I went from working on webserver remotely(contracted work) in a hotel room.

 to the mental ward u of m Riverside.note that photo isnt same hotel room it was earlier. contents of screen and the paper on the desk shows what i was doing though.  I had rented a vps on behalf of  a client and transfered an existing business site to a server set up inside a Linux container(lxd) on the vps. was working on get a proper cart system set up and as such had created a second container to do that in. a 3rd was passed the hosts external ip and played draw bridge. aka with out web console access through vps provider the only way in was vpn into the 3rd container and then ssh into the host. random i cant remember port on the 3rd one but otherwise both web server containers only needed 80 and 443 open in this config. this was before lxd had fully integrated ip andd macvlan into the framework. I had to make a script to create the devices and pass them to containers as passthrough. it was a kvm based (open stack) vps and as per host decisions one mac per vps,

I go from that world to a fucking mental ward. because of suckit hanson and hearsay. shit i think i got that title off. I dont respect those who endanger others from a postion of authority with or with out potential career rewards or monetary implications. 

shortly after litespeed opened up enterprise edition to the free world with a 2gb ram limit so I reworked it to use that and benefit from QUIC.  

Back to mental ward: my phone was taken as per SOP but i told the doctor I have the email with the mold pro hired in January. 
"Patients aren't allowed phones on the ward was his response." He then proceeded to give a label and attached for delusions of mold. Boris suffers delusions himself, delusions of clinical ethics. 

I got out that night even though I wasn't supposed to by his word.  a nurse comes in 4 hrs after boris right before what would have been forced drugging: we mistook what type of hold you are under you will be free to leave shortly. I wonder how much having noted 4 HIPAA violations in 8 or so hrs played into that. Im not bullet proof nor the smartest there is but i tend to think on my feet through even extreams. everyone has limits and im way past mine have been for some time. at that point i was still a half decent force to be reckoned with. 2 nights before I was at mg hospital for the start of abduction. I had figured i have my phone but well... i was in a hotel room police threaten force for non compliance got me here off my dads word not my actions... maybe theres a chance i end up no phone/internet. made a list of med law offices on paper. the mental ward did have a landline for patient use. i had left messages between noting hipaa violations  and participating in an optional "coping mechanisms" group meeting. the parametics even noted during the transfer they couldnt really see anything that would justify this in my behavior and would note it to the ward staff. 

funny how gov with healthcare provides jail 2.0 and or a way to make liability go away if needed /discredit. not saying it will be used like that but i dont see anything that prevents it. 

Paul sent me the photo above that very night.

Below are photos of the contaminated apartment I'm in right now I'm laying on the bed that is absolutely filthy it's about all I have in here besides Clyde in the freezer

as predicted 9 mo of mold car... youre looking at the top of a dehumidifier and then the next two pics are the air conditioning grill. even with the dehumidifier this place struggles to get under 50% rh. when it kicks off i regularly see 60 to 70. its burnt out now. issue is garage under the unit (belonging to a neighbor) every time the door is opened influx of moisture from bellow. the wall bordering the hallway on that floor assures even during the winter some of that evaporates and heads up. fargo for like 8 years and st cloud after that. 2006 to 2018 and 2019 was the only apt my parents picked. aka forced me into empty with their threats and forced labor threatening life to this day. PCB pic is my dsl modem. Its open because I was checking it out via serial header. I had also bought canned ravioli when I first arrived at the tourcher cell im writing this in. There were several lies about how to get/when to get my kitchen stuff during 9mo forced labor. that included 30 days hungry and 2 4day stretches 2 3day. at one point I chucked a can of ravioli at the wall. It exploded. right on one of the RF Cans over the modem pcb. aka those metal grills on some boards (they are farad cages to keep electric noise in and or out) of course it also got in the rf can. 99 percent ipa bath didnt revive the modem. luckily as i was also being told these lies I had acted tworards the finish other contracted work and sourced a $200 pcb rework hot air solder gun. it did the non trivial desolder on the rf can and once it wasnt covered by crusted ravoli guarded by soldered on rf can... the second ipa rinse then brought the modem back to life. $200 rented dsl modem so turns out the hot air gun wasnt a bad investment either. Its also the only reason i have glasses on my head. One day i woke up on top of them. Bent so badly I would have never got them back into shape with out heat. then later I lost a screw so currently a bit of wire from mig welder is twisted around to stand in.  They stole the $400 mig welder april 2020 with my desktop pc and compound miter saw. 

I called st cloud non emergency and an officer came out. when I managed recorded admissions by pale and malice I tried calling st cloud pd back. They suggested I needed another mental hold rather than allowing the file updated. 

Minnesota has police enforced slavery forced labor and murder. 

Explanation of the title

What sparked me to write this post or the actual title was recalling:

An obscure scientific phenomenon:

Cherenkov Radiation

The explanation below is top of my head. Cant say if its perfect... Google it directly.  probably concept wise valid plus or minus a little bit of human memory bit rot.

It originates from the fact that the speed of light is different depending on the material it travels through. Also conservation of energy.

 If you take a high-energy particle or particle wave duo like a electron zipping through space;

all the sudden it passes through mediums that say sloooooow down or simply put act like a speed bump to a car;

 what you get is the emission of a photon. Flash of light.

The photo is of nuclear reactors looking down through the pools of water they are contained in. the blue glow is the cherenkov radiation

I want to say the Russians named it. I know little of slavic land. my brain is saying it looks like it probably was a name chosen by Russians though. 

 That said humans discovered that blue glow when we built nuclear reactors. wanna say breeders are the most prone to it but i didnt refresh my knowledge to write this. sorry glbt if im correct you cant have this fab glow. 

it happens because we tend to use water as both a coolant and radiation shield. (the water says slooow down) someone design dependent but it sometimes plays a roll in moderating reactions. Russians missed or didnt concern themselves with that. Their designs were positive void coefficient. 

whats a void? make stove top mac and cheese. Immediately before you add the shells; those bubbles? there be your voids. Alternatively look behind old soviet subs in operation... focus on the spiny part. Or look between the ears of the american who gave that away for like $600. Of course corps paid us tax payer welfare that dont secure their computer networks are estimated to be giving away $250B to 600 Billion usd a year to China sooo. These corps have citizen status, at what point does a board come into play? like over the boardroom door pre pre treason trial? oh right congress is more concerned with awoman. still jealous of Bill in the oval office i presume.   

 w/rmbk boiling coolant increased reactivity and heat output. How much? until Scandinavian plant operators end up beeping on the way into nuclear power stations. Actually its have that issue(some of those plants still run). I dont want to just tangent slam Russians; Americans were so bright we caught that logical issue and then said hey lets wrap the fuel in a material prone to a chemical reaction with steam. What kind of reaction? it liberates the H. What the fuckashima am i even talking about? probably TMI but only farts made it take that long. Ask a Mexican about smoking next to party balloons in mexico city. They probably know whats up. 

GE building farting mexican party balloon dirty bombs since...a few decades after ripping off Tesla. 

 Also: burn an Edison fart you might begin to see reganomics. Not just oh the humainty...all the humanity and not a lot of helium to go round. plenty of isotopes. I digress.

back to that pretty blue glow and space. 

space is not very dense. but there is a lot of it. wide open space. wonder why we named it such? /s there is quite a bit of small stuff zipping around in it though. like neutrons and electrons. oddly voyager has recently taught us past the pressure wave of the sun, interstellar space is more dense than solar system space. trying to stay on track though. 

What's wild and how it relates to space is the electron zipping along might make it through the wall of the station or craft sans photo emission but the human skull tends to be a speed bump. (if sargent hanson wants to demonstrate im sure it is on earth as well.. mgpd can figure out who drives for the peer review confirmation.)

the radiation hitting an astronaut skull can result in blue flashes behind closed eyelids. 

Astronauts have seen some of the most beautiful cancer there is

its not just theory either. some have reported seeing blue flashes with their eyes closed presumably while trying to sleep in orbit

They are lucky thats all its doing. Back to a specific Russian for a moment... so far one human has put a body part in the path of a high power particle accelerator. 

Dont let it be said Russians dont use their heads. 

Since the police enforce and aid and embed crimes that make it unlikely I could make a civil court im starting to wonder if vigilanti justice is the answer. funny thing about smoke detectors. they use Americium. an alpha and occasional gamma emitter. 

Minnesota civil court has made two parties that are still poisoning me but have out right tried to kill me (marlene tried to push me over a railing to their basement...repeatedly one day in 2018)

 she slammed a car door on my leg in 2019)  its kinda like It puts the lotion on its skin while we have the police and court help fuck it up again and again. 

but specific to OFP is no threats of physical violence. I joke about this because it translates to, the accuser could probably be stabbing the accused in court while the only thing they allow relevant to the case is that one party claims to "feel" threatened by words while stabbing the other. 

the most obserd part is the notion of poisoning apparently isnt a concern to police in Minnesota nor is participating in forcing labor and human trafficing. the courts dont mention it at all in ofp.. just the images of violence. fists knives guns refrenced by words become arrest-able. 

this says nothing about using a rc car and the cold foggier bought for fogging the moldy car. Use rc car to drive it up to the gas fireplace vent at pale and malices house. fogger loaded with crushed americium in water. 

havent violated a thing. breath it in one is just as dead. either way im likely to be at this rate due to what they continue to do to me. alternatively ways one could kill in mn and police would probably laugh at...

go to an antique store find something with vacuum tubes. drive them with a neon transformer or custom sourced hv output and you have an xray emiter that if say set on a window sill walk away. protip: assemble with gloves 

if i cant use my abilities or keep anything earned anyway at all...they wont let me live let alone earn let alone make. 

so why not. kill while being killed. kill while being psychologically and physically destroyed.  
in next weeks episode we cover finding people via public record!

after bonnie died my dad threatened to put clyde in the clothes washing machine. clyde then became aquanited with hotels. 

Bonnie didnt deserve this nor did Clyde nor do I

my now stolen desktop is visible second shelf up right hand side. 

my mig welder. I purchased this with what was left of a bond my grand mother on my dads side had left in my name. I had wanted one for 8 years and having done my homework, 140a i about the limit for a 120v outlet. this class of mig welder fluxuated between 400 and 600 over the 8 years i watched. This model exactly is going refurbished for 350. I happened to walk into norther tool as they were clearance it for version 2s release. something like $150. it should have been a good investment because had i not used it (got to do one project) or needed cash i knew it would make $50 over what i paid even second hand.  except its worthless because paul stole it. mn law covers theft of personal inside theft of property. explicitly included. also what it would cost to replace it with new is the value iirc. between the desktop even with out software suites, mig welder and compound miter its easily over $1000

one of the legaly paid for software suits was adobe cs 4 master collection. thats $2000 dollars of software i cant touch. one suite... 

aforementioned cold foggier. venture effect is how she ticks. 

so uh... whos up for free cancer? I really dont want to identify with what the news is painting as far right. I really want to just have someone in my life and ability to feel good and accomplish. Its not for lack of work that i do not. Its felony level crimes police wont so much as say "cut it out to"  

its also starvation and malnutrition over a period longer than the minnesota starvation experiment in 1944 except the enforcers are maple grove pd. either way that study showed profound effects on cognition emotional inhibition and health.  It also was the basis of much of what we know about eating disorders today. 

such a profound effect the question was raised: is it ever ethical to medicate(psych world) with out addressing dietary issues. 

yet while helping force labor destroy 43k of personal property after stealing 6.3k usd in services police in minnesota want to offer a trip to the mental ward rather than allow confessions on a report. 

hard not to see this as Auschwitz land. what i find really spooky is the number of news reports that try to make that seem horrific. not anything above... "a man was seen wearing a shirt that says aushwits land" the tone of the ones ive seen is reaching so hard to deamonize it that it might as well be a reach around. yet it never explains why it should be outrageous.  

ww2 Germans afterwords: we didnt realize


maybe thats correct though. we took what they did to a level so far above its almost insulting to compare them. 

no seriously. do you know what George Floydes options were to protest his death? 

or any american given an unlawful order by a police officer?

take it up in court. 

but the legal text also has a gaping whole. logic wise... as far as I can see nothing stops them from ordering you not to go to civil court either at detainment or detaining you as you try to enter and ordering you away.  

or ordering you away from all of your assets repeatedly then standing between you and them as more are stolen. 

blm is kinda hilarious. in the sense of it appears to have been made as or the quickest to become a tool of any movement ever. notice the focus on the disparity? theres more than one way to correct one. 

40 white
40 other
80 black

bringing these numbers to parity can also be accomplished by adding 40 to white and 40 to other. but over all i think the issue is solve brutality and theres still that issue of unchecked runaway power over everyone. dont worry you wont get beat to death any more than anyone else anymore. join us starving. 

maple grove police do pride them self on promoting the culture of the industry fuhrer though so maybe there is some truth in advertising.  try to demonize that... go on, punish some internet crazy says maple grove police pride themselves on being the fuhrers of the industry. 

related note... can someone get a block chain dictionary going? google has an awful lot of potential if they decide to play Orwell. 



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