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Thursday, January 14, 2021

 I can't speak for the state but it would appear if you hold it to valid scientific evidence that's not really contested peer reviewed whale research not even new then allowing tens of thousands of dollars of assets to be re-appropriated and destroyed then felony amounts again re-appropriated to the point where you leave someone starving and malnourished for years on end

Well when the police stand in between recovery or even suggesting the party continuing to commit the felony theft might stop then it appears to me that the state's best interest is killing some people or putting them In harm's way because the state Acts to stop at the states not giving money to replace it and medical evidence suggests this will kill someone

Seen I hardly have a place left to lay down and then blowing out black shirt the real question in my mind is a my murdered or do I murder and be murdered land of the free my ass. so much soul and of your dad wants your ass the police help him raping for life well telling you to be gay Your mom can tell you that you're being endangered as a medical professional after threatening to have you meditated for her delusions for half a decade then she gets her away. How safe do you think your children in her care are I don't think they're very safe

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