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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Incest corrosion

See me earn enough to be independent 

Guilt into giving it up

Ignore when I do half decent at path u push

If it looks like I might reach end again 

Pull me one direction 

Guilt me for 10 new thing follow or otherwise 

Erode all outlets of escape

Push for harder and quicker for your poor sake

Slap me down before the finish line 

Disappear repeat

I'm a brat as you rewrite history to say I never did anything in cpnviencent in the moment and again if I logivly back that down

Call my friends elployers clients and coheart tell them I'm sick in the head when you mean you are an incest life rapist

Make sure I'm alone through every loss and want me to hug u because u don't feel u have enough friends

Tell me you compete with me blame me when trying to do what I do you break things.

 "You know why I'm better than you? I don't lose my cool"

I slap a broom against a table and all the sudden you shove across the room.

You stupid incest fag you are supposed to be the parent that's your job but u sit there doing it corrupt till my life is endanger after forcing what I didn't need and destroying doors I worked hard to open now health 

John John John you just don't understand

No fuck face I even put name to what's wrong with you and between the two of us im The one who hasn't laid hands despite lies to the police to makes sure im 3 or 4 days starving with clyde rabbit in the freezer in an empty apt while you want me to repeat the word slave. you fucking shoved me for the image of damage to your dining room table. but hey you must be taken for your word when you say you cant see why someone cant cook in a kitchen you stocked with bibs. paul cant see why bibs arnt pots and pans dishes and culturly but the maple grove police insist its safe to allow them to keep taking whats mine. 

why should i feel at all un easy why should i feel fight or flight constantly under such c ondtions?

why shouldnt i threaten or execute plans to harm those who wont stop kkilling me?

For it and for calling the ambunce when you had need u are yet to take everything while claiming to own me

Break my things you take away while starving me steal more while making me clean your mess instead of finish the hard work I started and others paid form. Sorry John can't come out to play cause Paul's not gonna hope around the list of rabbits he killed and I own him

But you can't hopp around other than kill living beings I love and risk my life

You are so gone there are no hope only spiting acid that long ago burned u away inside.

Sick fuck.

Only thing worse is the police that enable it

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