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Saturday, January 23, 2021

On the subject of low iq thugs in gov

The main subject it's from a town near Sparta Wisconsin so I feel the need to show him this infograph

For maple groves Sargent Hanson .

You murder people and small animals you fucking piece of shit.

I would not feel remorse if I tied you to your family and lit the whole little fucking bundle of shit on fire.

I'm more likely to be dead before I get to that because someone's made sure that despite working I have nothing that worked for I'm alone with a pet of over 10 years in the freezer for the past 2 while u deny even allowing reports of fellony level thefts taken 

Pay no heed or mind to the  totally feasible description of how to build a car detantor for $20 at Max per device.

 think of me every time you open your car you fucking terrorist. tell your family near Sparta to do the same

I sincerely think the world would be a better place if Sergeant Hansen took the safety off his  semi-auto with a full clip. pull the slide back to put one in the chamber. Then then played Russian roulette 
I messed up writing this I shouldn't have gendered it

What isn't a mess up or mistake is if we stop worrying about prion disease we can probably feed the poor with imitation pork rack

hey most people don't know what prion diseases are so maybe it won't be a problem

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