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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Boomer slave death camp for cutie

 The boomers set it up but we perpetuate it. Actually crucial mind in it was pre boomer and Sigmund Freud's nephew. He died at a hundred and three in 1995

Info is kept limited. For instance if things cause cancer most of it gets listed as more research needed or undecisive

Public intended info on psychology is gender biased and plays to belife of genetic causation both to aliviate you from traumatizing and dging your children and to enslave them to their pending diagnosis and life time med regiment.

Get through child hood relatively unscathed and police allow sock parents to violate any and every law against you while tying to paint you violent abducting you for 3 to 5 day detaiememts generally tratizing while killing 

Minnesota police In general and will some exceptions will help you steal your child's bicycle if you are so inclined you just have to wait eighteen plus years. In my experience they're probably going to end up killing me.

But once you realize things like there's little oversight of mental health Care professionals and Minnesota has granted powers of the justice system are government to almost all doctors if not all doctors. You might see that in combination with almost zero accountability between the police and their words and actions moving to this state regardless of my more sensational claims up top...

you're already a criminal for what other people do to you.or your freedom or even your life is already gone if someone else wants it to be

I support 2nd amendment rights for corrupt police. As long as this is how fire arms are defined. Bear arms might require a zoo and I'm not sure how we make just the arms a chew toy. I'm not likely to live long enough to see it through. So I've published a few ideas on how to make a car experience a proximity based RUD. A way that makes a king of Denmark smile therefore has no need to see sky of cell site and rarkable standoff time as far as battery consumption is concerned..

I doubt there's a cheaper way to eliminate 25 than the roughly 550usd method would entail 

If you can't create let alone retain anything you work for and have to live in a filthy infested shit hole with dead friend Clyde rabbit in freezer as a roommate. Then I don't see the moral issue any any parties involved being slightly afraid while and after they terrorize while murdering another.

To clear up confusion SpaceX is the orgin of the term rud.

Die or not I am being disfigured terrorized  isolated and trumatized in dangerous infested conditions while anything earned has been stolen by the party that claims to own me

Air filter disable dehumidifier burnt out washing machine broken means I'm on an infested mattress in a moldy apartment out the ability to take a shower and dry off with a clean towel. Only thing in the kitchen is Clyde in the freezer.

If the state wants to publicly announce howuch it costs to legally own and violate any law against another citizen with police aiding the violations .. even that I'll take those how tos down for honesty and transparency.

picture taken last night

the saw Paul molestric stole April 2020 is visible in this pic. I can prove the garage is mine based on the blood stain. If any officers in support of incest forced labor by child molester who claim to own their adult offspring are interested in adding to the blood on the floor let me know. I think chugging some pool acid and swallowing a ball of tin foil would be a good way to make modern art. Others say it's just standard bacon bit production. Bacon bits try new ss flavored while supplies last! 

Reviewers say u really taste the misanthropy and facist eliteism.
Some say every bite is a triumph for humanity.

It's rumored new baby bacon bits require super glue meeting asshole. So much darker than wonka I'm running the risk my life matters.

Did I mention I support police being gifted with fire arms? Actually I don't care what part burns But 10 dollar can make a squad car holla

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