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Friday, January 15, 2021

Bucket List Goals


Electromagnetically propulse the cookie cutter responsible for these through an officer or their families forehead.

Where did I put that bank of Maxwell ultracaps?

Ha railed em! (See: naval electromagnetic rail  gun)

Ive been informed the cutter is incredibly hard to clean making them dirty f****** cookies

it's probably made out of aluminum and as such the current required will turn into molten metal thus eliminating any bacterial problem on them. 

Liquid metal might actually do the job better if going through flesh

Much like save a horse Ride a cowboy I consider it save a slave kill a slave driver

 it probably won't be me saved

Posts made from an infested matress with an unlocked door. I'll laugh when it's kicked in anyway .

I hope body cams are present I intend to be shot or beat to death after giving a Nazi salute to the privateers storming the door.

This bank has been upgraded to feature one more row of 6.

It's still way too low voltage for the conventional rail gun aproach.

That said I have an idea for that.

Cryo cooled flyback transformer fet switched.

There's a copper aluminum alloy caused somethimg like gaurdcop that would probably be effective for rails.

The Navy's biggest challage has been ablation. One shot is easy it's the repeating nature of the requirements that make it hard.

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