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Can't sleep meta medical

I don't know if I need to eat more ate too much which probably isn't problem. I can't eat what I want to eat because the police help steal kitchen after assault after things known to cause pSTD

Literally pulling on the matted parts of my hair sometimes produce a bloody nose other times restore sense of smell after blowing out black shit

The people that caused this I don't even want to have to talk about this anymore f*** your family's you f****** a****** pigs

And f*** you Mom and Dad f****** incest nasty f****** slobs

Ee has this concept that seems lost on police and med professionals. 

Linear technologies referred to as hysteresis

The idea is that instantaneous reads are sometimes misleading.

I don't know call me cynical but I think the industries of health healthcare and police Bank on it. Oftend against their stated purposes.

Last time I sat in my garage at this hr I looked up as a St cloud officer approached my driverside door and asked "Can I help you?"

Wouldn't blame him tonight are as it's practically a fucking rave with this lights cheap PSU

No seriously, I've seen less epilepticly worrisome strobe lights.

Come to think of it I wonder if there's any link between epilepsy and skitzophrenia. It would seem to me both come from the bodies inability to suppress external stimuli but maybe I'm tired and out on a limb, off to scholar 

Edit: lol grey matter for the win. It was only confirmed cira 2019. 6 times more likely

My line of reason was starting from the belief that main function of the brain is pattern matching and identification then couple the knowledge that fans another wideband periodic repeating noises tend to be the highest trigger of auditory hallucinations and one odd bit about nicotine playing an inhobitory roll in absence or inefficiency of use of vitamin B3.

Then there's also the knowledge that neurotypicals up for more than 72 hours after I forget what the exact percentage was but the vast majority experience hallucinations mostly auditory.

The brain is neither purely electrical or purely chemical there's an interplay between the two. To put it in computer science terms though there's a few constant loops running one of those is sample external stimulus and look for patterns. It's how we recognize sounds as words and words with meaning.

If part of squelch is chemical my line of thought went to epilepsy and external stimuli causing seizures is probably along the same lines s failure to stop a poorly identified or Mis identified pattern from becoming a word in your mind or a sentence in your mind well it's probably possible it could affect more than that without the squelch

I think it's likely sleep allows the brain to replenish but none of this is worth anything if corporate psychology continues down the path it is because those diagnoses are being used more to harm people then they legitimately even are the disease.

Even some of the creators of the DSM have come out about this

Nothing is even with things like ADHD add it's probably malnutrition and or those people don't utilize nutrients as efficiently so they might need more of certain things. There's no profit in that though

The thing with true skitzofrenix is god dammit Google. Transcribe keyboard there should not be an x in that I digress. Spelling has never been a strong point often I rely on transcribe keyboard. Thumb board isn't very efficient either.

Simplifying this further my realization that the two might be related between  epilepsy and schizophrenia the core tenant is first seeing schizophrenia as external stimuli producing incorrect variables in memory and epilepsy producing invalid motor output from on filterable stimuli. If a microprocessor controls a motor highly simplified how that works is there is a little bit literally a bit a 1 or 0 if it's on or off without any steps in between one bit if that is a1 the motor is on if that's off it says 0 but it's in a memory location. So another words a false belief also being in a memory location in the computer world isn't much different than a physical output in a system. If I had a keyboard I could probably make this more clear. I have one but that would be going up stairs then every time I type I risked turning the damn thing off well I lay on the bed where Clyde died

Better way to say it might be both seem dissimilar but if the root causes external stimuli processing and the inhibition of either incorrect pattern identification or output in the form of an epileptic seizure if both of those are rooted in the chemical side then the link is more clear.

I would bet if we could look at how nutrients are utilized in the brain and vitamin B3. Hold true epileptics will also have that issue with that nutrient

But it seems the last thing corporate mental health wants is objective criteria.

And this isn't just my theory or that on healthcare in general . Things like superbugs resistant to antibiotics every once in awhile you get a trickle stories about there's no reason we don't have new antibiotics other than they aren't profitable to develop compared to say restless leg syndrome medications.

Which falls in line with the theory that anything you can cure somebody of is a patient lost. We're medical ethics in business ethics meat it would seem the first was annihilated do your individual practitioner might vary

Actually a lot of systems for sharing information between processors could be pretty well explain to someone versed in neuroscience buy things like sensory overload versus polling. Something like an rs232 connection if say I have a GPS receiver hooked up to it that's going to sit there spitting things like the coordinates at whatever it's hooked to whereas if I went with something like and i2c connection the link is there but I have to ask for the value of a memory location on that chip to get the return of what's in it which might be the location at the moment I'm asking. The concept of polling is the computer or bigger chip that's doing the balancing of everything is sent to regularly ask for it rather than the smaller chip just spitting it at regular intervalsweather desired or possibly consuming resources needed for other things.which I could go into interrupts and message style interrupts and all of that jazz but it's a bit further than I wanted to go anyway

Now I'm kind of off topic

People with schizophrenia have been demonstrated to do things neurotypicals cannot. One example is something called The hollow mask test.

More along the brain is a computer theory is the concept of world size word size or put very simply how many bits info can a processor or the brain compared at once?

If a neurotypical can compare 6 schizophrenic can compare 8 or 9.

The trade-off being a faulty squelch which is the radio term if you don't know it look it up. Put simply in the TV version ... You do to a channel that's not there you get white static audible thunder hiss. squelches the mechanism that identifies there's no signal there and I'm the newest sets you see a green or black screen  the older ones that at least mutes the sound. Back to the metaphor for a moment schizophrenic hears a sentence out of that audible hiss.

But I wanted to add world size.

The hollow mask test is a 2d representation 3D event. In other words picture the theater mask a white porcelain mask of a human face

It's being rotated on it's x axis clockwise or counter doesn't really matter but you're looking at either the inside of the face the side of the face or the outside.

The crazy bit is when it hits perpendicular.

There is enough visual information there to determine if you're looking at a concave or convex image of a face.

But that takes both observing and linking a bunch of discrete visual minutiae. It said true skitzofrenix Jesus Christ Google  can do that above chance or above 50% the time

Where you are I would not get chance

Or back to the digital comparison it takes maybe comparing 7 bits of Shadow information so it's one above the amount of things we can process at once.

Another interesting side note here neurotypicals on LSD generally can

As usual everything I just said is probably stuff I read 10 plus years ago if not more so check it out for yourself before blindly quoting anyting

there's another phenomenon humans experience and so do things like solid state drives. The term is called bit rot

Actually I'm surprised humans don't experience it a lot more frequently considering what I think we know about human memory at the moment and structure of the brain is neurons both store and process data presented to us so another words your memories serve function or what stores them serves to function as processing units as well and anytime you learn something the whole thing reconfigures which I bet serves as a bit of a compression mechanism but also the fact that we remember anything with any sort of accuracy or detail is kind of astonishing

But if you think into this just a little bit the roots of how trauma can shape future behaviors might start to become more clear

It might not be a pleasant realization


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