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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Changing methods

 In theory you want it need to talk to someone if the police didn't help take everything and then repeatedly not allowed crimes even reported even though their felony level

And there we go I'm already doing it through their game

But one of the adjuncts to that game is let's change up the method of communication

now let's pretend we don't know what a text is demand you email us after we've disabled our email address to the point of screaming email it and this also works as a method to not talk about anything

Quite the same entity entities it doesn't matter if they are allowed to keep taking from you it's not really feasible to say oh well they took everything they decided where I live they decide to threatened everything they have which for a Time included a living animal actually it included two then one this is so fucking sick

I've got months recorded of what I have to do just to be able to take care of my sick rabbit after they took all of my things the months recorded of what I have to do to have his remains process after they took all my things

Well they threatened the remains of the other of Bonnie

What's the real point to having a therapy animal or any animal any friend if Minnesota is set it up so even your parents can take them kill them threatened them?

If Maple Grove Police are the norm

The only thing the police are enforcing when it's outside of someone stealing from a business or anytime they can apply it it would seem the party with least resources ends up with no resources while the police try to paint them the issue

You could argue this is okay when it's husband and wife but when it's husband and wife on son or daughter 

Police at dawn hearsay separate you from all evidence then you end up in family court or unable to even make it then the people that claim your their abuser are stalking you literally two days later

Nothing about this is equal under law nothing about this is safe nothing about this is modern Justice its The Scarlet letter it's a red herring it's a Star of David

Most people don't understand that there's also financial incentives at play for the state

Yet what struck me in scsu's aptly named HURL 

(humanity's relationships ns and multi cultural)

was for every time that sexism and racism were referred to as systemic and systematic there is no attempt to define those words

One might assume that there's a white men's meeting. One might overlook the fact that even if white men are the majority of the 1% that holds 99% of the wealth that makes me about as responsible as well..I don't hold any will the police systemically systematically make sure that someone can commit felony level crimes to make sure I have nothing and probably won't live very long.

But then if you really want systemic and systematic that would kind of imply organized or almost like there's an office of violence against women that provides states with Federal money for certain programs that arrest men well that was a mouthful.

And yet how many undergrad students do you think you've heard the term


Well at least they won't miss it if they never knew about it right?

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