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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Charging the police

the biggest problem has been getting them to hold still while you put the USB-C cable up their.. or qualified immunity take your pick.


This might be a start but I don't think anything except external agencies that audit and trigger actions on behalf of those potentially wrong is okay or enough. I'm not one-sided either there clearly needs to be some leeway for police to do their jobs.

I could be wrong here but I also see a gaping hole with the supreme Court's 68 decision unless things like explicit writing prevents officers from preventing you from entering the court making your court date excetera.

it would seem to me if the locality has any chance of having to pay for the actions it's even more likely to happen but even an individual officer there's a major conflict of interest and power and balance which generally doesn't produce great things.

Even in cases like mine they don't really have to order you not to answer to be able to prevent you from starting a court case or seeing things through.

Minnesota seems like it's loaded the system with Ways for the system to keep you from seeing such a court date

For instance it can be a criminal charge for filing a misconduct report that is determined unfounded. The people who investigate  as far as I can see are the department that the complaint is against. We need public awareness  of the concept of conflict of interest

I also think a large problem is we've lost focus in what law is what law does

It could be we've never had it but I would hope you'll excuse me for the age 6 to 18 indoctrination otherwise. 

Also law is severely out of sync with medical science. what we know about how humans learn change are damaged and heal.

In Minnesota in particular police actions seem to only sync up with law and things like their mission statements where Federal funding is likely of concern. Otherwise in my experience mission statement might as well be propaganda.

I think if we want to bring ethics back to law and law enforcement there needs to be a focus on explicitly stating and enforcing what a department that enforces obligations and priorities enforcement are. Also regional realities like I'll called Minnesota gets should probably factored into police without presidents putting people potentially on the street.

If they force zero notice relocation without a chance steak more than what's on your back it's really not worth it to work for anything in this state. If they won't enforce someone continuously stealing after that it's hard to argue that you're likely to make it out of this stateand there's a metaphoric as well as the literal there.

Everything I've read on law says there also needs to be a return to thhe consideration of the spirit of laws .

For instance a law against murder that's black and white might end up putting you in prison for murdering someone trying to kill you

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