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Friday, January 1, 2021



I miss you friend. You did not deserve this nor did I.

You and Bonnie we're about as perfect as friend can come.

The pic above was Clyde at a hotel shortly after Bonnie's death.

Clyde was never phased if I was by him. 

I would give all my things to have him back. Try make sure I can't even process the loss. 

Paul I'm sure by what you have done to me and my rabbits you are as sick as they get. No doubt you touched to worse the coworker during the heros campaign

I would trade finding you in 04 for Clyde's life 10 times over you sick freakish man child incest bitch

Clyde should still be alive if you hadn't forced me to clean that f****** car and lied about a rental after he lost the ability to walk f****** child molesting insignificant hallow empy dust in the wind but not before ensuring your son is fucked 

30 he's on the phone the week before  forced lease to not address two  time sensitive lissues violating molester pale created . Well he laughed at the fact that the hotel room next to me have tape all the way around the edges of the door like it was being bug boomed

I pointed out I don't have anything here I have grain on the floor for his food he was supposed to get another dose of a flea tick and mite medicine the vet had thought there was an environmental night at their house. Paul will kill you while telling you you caused his problems. He threatened to put Clyde in the washing machine after Bonnie died sick f****** s*** head how many kids did you molest on your bus routes Paul?

I've got the call recorded the day before Clyde died where Paul says he has no conscience actually in a condescending tone he is what makes me so sure but he has one and then states that he does not. Paul the f****** child molesting coworker molesting son molesting animal abusing shitstain on the Earth

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