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Comfirmation bias and slight of hand, racism sexism in 1080p

 I might very well have been a well meaning but mentally gone white dude yelling at other white dudes about how bad blacks have it.

Black people do

have it bad. 

People have it bad.

Let black people be a set of superset people

And so on through plaid and polka dot

People { {black people}, {white people}{brown people}{yellow people}{McDonald's temperamental soft serve machine twist cone people}}

It's not supposed to be a zero-sum game. This is normalization of prison culture.

Which if you look into it shouldn't come as a surprise because most of that is likely driven by trauma and the neurological scar tissue with creates

Media has this awkward ability with EDU to make it so and you won't question it.

Statements like black people have it the worst that can be entirely true on average.  But think business for a moment marginal cost or the difference between the next step next output next product two groups

Does the worst or language like that really tell you if on an individual basis that experience might be a 1% difference in odds?

But this is a line in the sand make it thirty make it fifty

If the things that drive that disparity have any common root between the sets

 And as a social issue if much of this has deeper ties all the way back to regardless of demographic does childhood produce a healthy individual.

Isn't it chasing your tail no matter the condition as long as there's a common between all of the sets having issues?

or another way to say it might be you're treating the symptoms of a larger illness how much in a way that Western medicine usually accuses Eastern medicine

or in other words it's not evidence-based it's not looking for the hidden variable c that drives the apparent relation between A and B if he is having a bad and B is being black.

in this case sea could be the underlying mental illness created by abusive childhoods that all people are likely to experience when their parents work such a and have so little idea of what healthy parenting is.

The cluster B diagnosis all feature an impaired to incomplete mental construct of what other people are let alone who. In other words the only person that really is a person to the person with that illness is the person with that illness.

put more simply regardless of what race you are if you end up with something like borderline you don't see other people truly as people

It's already been shown in narcissist that there are gray matter abnormalities and deficits in the prefrontal cortex of their brains. 

Put as basic as I can make it and understand it that goes a long way towards the observed behaviors because that is the decision making region of the brain gray matter is supposed to linked abstracts. So we start to be able to easily theorize if that's missing then the link between what you don't like happening to you or others doing to you and what you shouldn't do to others is missing.

children don't start out understanding their emotions or what happens to them that's how if electric can be abuse because parenting you need to be there to help them understand that if you think parenting is punishing you're doing it wrong. Let me say that again you are doing it wrong. That's not a reflection on you you might not understand this. but the same way it's a dog chasing its tail if you don't grasp that 90% punishment in parenting starts to become the child is acting out from being unjustly punished. If you provide the support and encouragement role and age appropriately start adding freedom allowing boundaries you'll probably find that punishment isn't required because the child isn't acting out or the young adult isn't acting out.

Whatever side of the debate you're on in the false dichotomy it should be within your belief structure. you're not supposed to be the judge if you're on the right hand side good and evil right and wrong obviously even if that's your structure everybody needs to do some extent of that to survive there's a personal safety issue involved.

I think this concept of original sin hurts a lot of us

children come out with a directive of watch bigger monkey do as big monkey does until they've associated words with expressing their needs when they started out as random sounds that were echoed AS goo goo and Gaga until the muscles formed and the Brain pathways wired those sounds got better until they were sounding like words you said to them. 

If any couple man woman 2 women to men focus on improving themselves focus on learning how they can communicate and interact in healthy ways well remembering and focusing on encouraging good behavior and primarily showing deep interest and giving every bit of attention you can to that life that didn't ask to be. Asking more questions than demanding answers to your questions or trying to convey values by force

Every person raised in that sort of environment that's how you end racism that's how you end abuse of women that's how you end abusive of men .

Narcissism is a trait we all have it becomes a disease when there's a rot that occurs with trauma.

And the point of listening to parents there is same reason the narcissist is likely to take great insult to this. You don't have to be perfect that's not what it's about that's called splitting. What you need to recognizes the kid didn't ask to be there and are responsible for their developmental needs. The reason two parents is important is you aren't perfect but the child still has developmental needs not wants. Two parents increases the odds that those are meant. Odds go down dramatically when one has a personality disorder. Because walking on eggshells as a partner takes a toll and consumes time that even to parents can't give or guarantee a quality of service to meeting their child's developmental needs

and there is evidence that ties bags because the APA knows you are three to four times more likely to be borderline personality disorder by age 18 if you experience verbal abuse and emotional neglect as a child

Like I said all of the cluster bees have musicians of damage concepts and if you can't see the other person as a person I'm not sure howyou ever expect to establish equality for another group let alone your own because you're not relating GE I wouldn't like it if that was done to me when you do things to others

but the media is giving you this very inspiring message of there's a victim we need to help and what somebody else is doing wrong with that circuitry to relate disabled we have spelled out in the end of society

And it's covered by the sleight-of-hand where we promote how much how bad some subsets have it over the fact we all have it pretty bad and history has shown that united we stand divided we fall

On a related topic there's something more insidious I believe is there and I haven't quite figured out how it's done yet. I've noticed that something about the culture were exposed to creates this disinterest in peaceful ideas maybe it's the hyper violence it has always struck me as odd with movie ratings sex is higher than disemboweling someone.and then there's games like most of the time you hear the word love when what people mean is sex. You might not have realized rock and roll is fuck and leave. It's like we subtly condition population to only wrong each other. And in the most pervasive yet indirect associative games.

Which does actually make sense with a few things that a lot of people aren't very aware of and if they know they exist.

Hypnotism is one of them. hypnotist can't make you do anything you don't want to do right? That's a half-truth. They have increasing difficult with strength of pre-existing value judgement or belief. In other words it's probably a pretty strong belief that you shouldn't pick up the gun and shoot your roommate not impossible to condition someone to do that but it's more effort than it's worth and might not work for everyone no matter how much time is applied.

But the issue is do you already know how you feel about things you haven't encountered?

How strong is that belief about the unknown that you haven't encountered?

You know what good is you know it okay is you know a bad is? Right

What the fuck is cool?

Within that by playing with what's shown as cool and a bit of amusement or maybe a novel juxtaposition of activity or sounds of words when you associated with cool you can draw a line to good but you might have somebody dissociating good things with things that would actually hurt them now we're not be in their best interest or best interest of the loved ones around them.

And that's the tip of the iceberg but this is what media does to you everyday it's not outright mind control it's nudging your associations.

A real obvious example of it is probably going to make me sound dated but women's magazines from back in the day 10 ways to know if your boyfriend is abusive or does he love you

when you push strong emotions and intrinsic desires while doing these things you're basically relying on the fact that they act like a drug.

Habits be it addictive or things you're trying to get yourself into like doing the dishes immediately after a meal are a matter of repetition. Drugs tend to The addictive because they give you an excess of the natural good feeling your body should have rewarded you with if you say eat food but it's an emotion that it's triggering that makes the association or the likelihood of repetition much greater which is also why if you hit somebody is anxiety over something they want like is your boyfriend cheating on you or does he like you or something they fear obviously like tripping that off pathways that has obituary section of the behavior like come back here for more are activated. And you're not noticing that what you're reading or consuming is subtly suggesting differences and definitions of concepts and associations all the sudden you don't know how to be kind to anyone anymore even if you did get through childhood okay

I just maybe it's a trauma it's a it's an unwillingness to consider the reality of how bad outcomes are vs what could have been that maybe locks us in or doesn't allow us to see how bad we are to each other within fall back on archetypes of black and white who's stronger who's weaker cuz we still seek that Justice we all know Disney is full of shit at least I hope we know.

there's another concept if you're reading this going as fuck that he doesn't know what he's talking about or I don't understand any of the links between these concepts

What did I say gray matter does?

There's a really uncomfortable end note:

Suppose you possess a logical ability with your brain to determine if your cognitive function has decreased. Is that an automatic process or would you have to think about it and or evaluated in some objective explicit manner over time? If you don't even consider the possibility is it possible you've lost abilities and aren't aware of the fact?

Nah it's okay prefrontal cortex goes poof at 25

And even though we educated you to know racism and sexism are systemic and everywhere always we also told you that Smokey the bear says only you can somehow extinguish racist fires

And if your cancel culture somehow that means using every bully and bigoted tactic there is because someone told you this was the just cause of the day the good fight the empirical data fight or the god fights on the other side

But how often has someone not listening to you for putting words in your mouth and then judging you and screaming at you how often does that inspired you to change any of your behaviors other than possibly creating this brain damage?

Circular logic is not okay but when it comes to emotional actions the solution might actually be you need to tell yourself to go full circle from your position to their position with your words and their position their feelings there as a person how would you take that but no I know they're evil cuz someone told you so they don't deserve that right but are you fighting for equality or what? 

If you stop and think about some of the arguments you're being fed ask yourself questions like how? why?

I noted on Facebook as close to a direct quote as I can get from memory

As a white person the only correct response if a black person informs you you're being racist is yes I'm sorry can you inform me how to do better.

The problems with this the underlying main one is what inherent in the black physiology gives them a better detection of this then light in the yellow white plaid or polka dot Person?

Racism wasn't supposed to be defined does edu is teaching it. Don't believe me? Define it without fairness as a related concept or outside of the construct of fairness. 

How can it be that they have inherently all a a race all individuals of that set know what fair is better than you do?

The non-racial data indicates kids of all colors all human children come out with a better sense of fair than they end up with by even the age 18.

It might as well be propaganda but there's a possibility some of the people spouting messages like that know exactly what they're doing except good majority probably don't but it sounds good it sounds like the good fight except you're creating hell on Earth

You're also against the wishes someone who is so right they killed him for it.

one of the smartest people to ever ever existed as far as I can see and as far as I'm concerned

Dr. Martin Luther King jr.

Judge a person not by the color of their skin by the content of their character

Minor paraphrase I believe the original words were man. And that's right up there with what's happening when Congress says a woman and when I was in high school it was mentioned that the interpretation of the listener might matter more than the intent of the speaker which I think it's the most toxic thing one could teach because there needs to be a balance.

Depending on your background the word cow might be traumatic to you if I say it that doesn't mean that I called you one or ones going to attack you but you might feel that it doesn't make it valid and it doesn't make it okay for you to attack me now if I'm saying it under my breath or adding things like you are and then telling you I didn't even say it then you probably should take issue with me but at first you should turn the other cheek and realize it might be you not me you can't do that if you think your interpretation is always the only thing that matters

Back to how you raise your kids if you do what I said then as an adult the only thing that attacks them is Sticks and stones 

There's one trusted entity or to trust identities where words will always hurt and especially during the formative years.

Only when your damage from that or the lack of support and navigating through those years should words hurt you as an adult. With some exceptions to if you choose to truly let someone into your life as a partner regardless of man woman or Apache helicopter.

Hopefully you see that that was used in a positive way and there's an illustration of why you can't let your trigger or you're programmed this is the image of what the hateful look like because what you end up doing is telling the other person what they can say what they can think it's based on how you interpret their actions and you can never do that with 100% certainty. That confirmation bias in the title if you're not familiar check out that concept because the more the media tells you this is something the more likely when someone says something that might be like it look like it sounds like it that's where your head goes regardless of what they meant

and it's not that hard to conceptualize we've all had days where we feel like shit and hopefully if we took that out on someone we later realized it and said you know I was having a real bad day

 I'm sorry you didnt deserve that

I really can't say whether doctor King or whether this is the truth or not whether he knew it or whether it's the truth or not but as far as I can see they're not scared of black people having rights are not scared of women having rights or group du jour

The reason the site has to be jet fuel incendiary accelerant propelled is if we understand and trust each other the whole United We stand bit. You can relate it back to the French revolution the literal storming the castle with pitchforks and torches

That works far better when it's a lot more people

that is incredibly unlikely to happen when or whatever demographic divide and distrust we've been programmed to have

we all fear the citizen behind us puts that torch in our back or that Pitchfork in our back.

Related note if it really was someone who shot at a helicopter in Virginia the last thing you want is our military thinking we're against them if they step in well something's trying to happen hopefully it doesn't even get that far but that's automatic game over

back around 2003 they were showing off Humvees with flat panel antennas that can project a microwave beam two football fields down one wide everyone in it feels like their skin is on fire they don't even have to chill you to round you up and that was that was like 16 year old technology that was on modern marvels at the time which means if we're showing it off it wasn't the best of what we have.

the last thing you want to risk is the members of the military feeling population is against them. Because they took oaths to defend us and not to turn on us as the citizens not as the government.

If you turn it into an us-versus-them from the psychological aspect the likelihood that old holes or that they realize it remember it act on it starts to drop. Psychology is a tool it's been way better research than even I know and if you haven't looked into it don't do so with  faint heart or stomach.

and it's not evil either it can be used to increase productivity create better things for people build more cohesive systems, minimize waste and duplication of effort and resources consumed, Mets more comfortable lives for the lowest of positions in humanity 

it's a tool just like any technological invention. Who is applying at the end to what ends are the issues.

Yes you is applying it can also slowly turn around people until they do things not in their best interest or the otherwise wouldn't

I think that's close enough to full circle


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