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The post is analyzing a song by an artist known as Alt-J. The song is called breezeblocks

Unrelated to anything else the more I listen to it the more blue Man group it feels as well

I think possible my friend Haley once thought I was making fun of her or her culture when I indicated I found amusement in the modern saying that a song slaps. This is probably the first thing I've heard that wanted to make me say this shit slaps.

I don't really want to say more cuz I'm not sure how much that person would want to be associated with me. with some of the content on this blog. But on the off-chance she ever reads it..

I thought it was worth a shot out here too because... well she'll probably See the relation to what she does.

She is Probably damn good at what she does as well

Anyone who is in the kitchen describing advanced mathematics to people during one of the wildest birthday parties I've ever seen (that also happened to be hers.) Obviously has not just the intelect but the passion to do what she was intent on.

I also noted in the non-descript other building there was a workshop as well . 

I've heard one  of the problems related is the book knowledge versus application and execution. Of course that could have been her partners but I'd still think that would rub off.

Least I'm pretty sure that happened I had a raging concussion 😂

Prerequisite knowlege

I was not aware of the term breeze block until a few moments ago. I
In Minnesota we would call it a cinder block, googling it produced the fact that the name universally is a concrete masonry unit. 

It makes sense. Sort of.  There are holes in it so ...yeah just go with however you want to apply that.

I think maybe we need to give Britain a course in which orientation you stack concrete masonry units. If they're experiencing a breeze  methinks they might be doing it wrong. although the last concrete unit they intended to blow breeze through almost resulted in making a lot of that island a nuclear waste land. so maybe we should consider this an improvement and leave it at that. Ironically what prevented that was at the time labeled Cockcroft's Follies.
Windacale nuclear generating station in the UK. It was an air cooled nuclear breeder reactor from an era when britian had bomb lust. The square on the top of the stack was a filter proposed buy an engineer named Cockcroft. His insistence and the unpopularity of it is why they were installed but labeled is folly. Totally unnecessary was the competitions argument. Because like what could go wrong with this plan? Abstract relationally I've noted that the UK tends to share if not pioneer misandry as a cultural value . Perhaps it's also worth pointing out that cock saved the UK? 

If the more modern breeze block and it's intended orientation are confusing maybe consider giving the aforementioned Haley a call


Haley knows just where the rebar goes. she'll put them right end down and charge you mobey. Badada da...

I'll see myself out now or on to the rest 😂

The g sounding where do you may or may not have decoded as an American listening is germolene. It's an antibiotic ointment or disinfecting ointment antiseptic . It's like Neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment which makes sense with the other randomly mentioned which is actually under this.

I really couldn't believe I was hearing germany the first time... Might be reflection of where my mind is at and it ain't happy places.
But speaking of dark references germolene if you Google journaling one of the questions is can you still get thick pink germolene witch in the search that I did it was a hemorrhoid cream. I'm not sure if that was the illusion on top of he's got cuts...scared ass and stress up the..badad da . but if that was the reference than you should probably know what scene he is or they are disinfecting

citirizine is an antihistamine. Americans normally reach for Zyrtec or non-drowsy Claritin God I hate marketing I have to think of the tagline before I could remember the mark.

Defining narcissism and or narcissistic societal collapse

Muscle to muscle toe to toe, break my heart, she's my vaccine she's morphine and then on top of that if you really listen to or read the lyrics the integrity of it is based on both words that are shallow and shallow pictures of a shallow life which has someone become the norm though and I think we're in the middle of a pandemic bigger than covid because I don't think this is a mistake I think it's applied psych to a level that might actually justify people saying it's small-minded to compare to the Nazis. Yeah because what we're doing makes it look like child's Play what they did and by we I mean the West not any one nation. I've been aware or at least the backside of my mind has picked up some things that might be happening or negative influences of mass communication and I've been fortunate enough and worked hard enough to be able to travel internationally a few times. I'd say mainland Europe lagged the us by maybe a decade in intentional d cohesion and destruction of values. Actually let's not call it destruction values destruction of the ability to have cohesion because the old valley that it's part of the dichotomy of the values the old values versus the new values the problem is a lot of both are dysfunctional.the other problem is through data collected over the years studies done over the years and I mean since like the psychoanalyst late 1800 would be the start date we figured out what functional is. Both end theory and in applied study or observe study of people in the wild what makes success what breaks it and what healthy communication is. What the media pushes isn't either the new values are often sold as fixing a problem like sexism or racism but they don't even accomplish that nor are they in line with the healthy communications that science is actually shown but that's kind of what they like to allude to.

Band if you crumble the bonds between everybody in the ability to make those bonds or to have any trust in them the level of the bond manatees in for something we United is going to tear itself apart. Then you see Bill Gates is pushing for miniature Berry and forget reactors for the future of the nuclear industry. It has no future that's the future of a compound when you can afford a compound to write out the colapses you caused or greatly contributed to. I called him out but he's kind of a small fry and this contribution may be assessed as somewhat flaccid as well
on that tangent the last thing I'll say is maybe he's actually championing truth in advertising. Micro soft founder produces vaccines where the population targeted or intended for them ends up reporting fertility issues. There's also colloquial second meaning for the British broadcasting company that makes it hilarious if that is in fact what's happening

You know the dark humor hilarious it's like's like being able to eat when law enforcement helps someone steal everything you work's like the same law enforcement than questioning if you can care for yourself cuz you can stay fit. Which now we're back to narcissism because I don't know about them but I usually use money to buy food at a supermarket they are currently still like their lives with gas lamps though so hard to say

 This song struck me for a few reasons. 

Shallow effect

The shallow imagery conveyed by illusions with words and word choice is what I intended to cover above. Cluster B disorders the shallow effect is noted and what it is is a few things but emotions are kind of Halo and blunt if felt it all bears a relation to splitting their or a cross concept bridge to All or Nothing but it's kind of an inverse because although feel is the intense ones or feel the feeling is intense but what it's generated over is not proportionately intent and they don't really perceive that.

To describe it with an illusion it's the Hallmark channel of actually feeling and feeling for the people around you it's shallow generic images rather than the reality of the person you have the feelings about 4 or any permutation

Related to this is with NPD specifically a lot of them report bet there's two things they feel and it's really one it's the thrill of conflict because control is the other thing they crave and or might claim to feel.that's generally creating the conflict within the interpersonal relation by trying to exercise control over the other person they create conflict and the intense dynamics of conflict it's not good things they usually feel or look to feel.

But much like how pstd creates repetitive flashbacks I think any treatment of it needs to consider that it's likely trauma that created it.

As per the song: there's tons of illusions to it it's almost like it's an abusive couple or cluster B marriage. But there's not enough to indicate if both parties which might even be part of why I think this song is an allusion to it whether intended or just a reflection because now we get in the gas lighting but some examples in the lyrics of conflict

Muscle to muscle toe to toe my heart is racing But here I go
There's another line about reach for your hand as my eyes close

Which makes me wonder if the artist did write this as a reflection of what they see in In society as well. don't know what the writing I'm pretty sure that Alt-J wrote it as well as performs it but I don't know anything about them or him.

The shallowness is conveyed with all the illusions to while we're up make breakfast and you're my lovely you're my lovely it's a shallow and codependent relation or possibly parasitic and or the other party isn't cluster b which would make it narcissistic or BPD
And fit with changing the end to please don't go I'll eat you whole.

I think intermix but possibly only at the end then doing this from memory there's a refrain that is please break my heart which fits a lot with the conflict notion.

All of them(the specific cluster B diagnosis and or people with them) have an intense fear of abandonment.

 Actually aspd might not. You might have literally zero ability to emotionally attached even in a pathological way depending on how that manifests and they're not really sure where the line is with that one as far as I can grasp because they're still the argument sociopath and psychopath might be different things and in which case one of them might actually be just a more intense NPD the the read I get this we aren't there and I don't know if we ever will be with  that line. I say that because everything we do seems to be about harder sand and fewer pencils to go around. Except a more accurate picture would be both edu and mass media or mascom are basically like a sledgehammer for your critical thought. Regardless of how true it is something that holds generally true is your thoughts or your cognitive ability the brain is like a muscle. Juxtapose that and that muscles already long dead and you're trying to tenderize it before serving it

the in general rule about cluster B diagnosis though: most
 of the symptoms or traits of the specific disorders canby or are present  across them

how they are expressed and why they manifest is usually the differentiation.

(This is if I understand correctly in that one wasn't quick to grasp or format and communicate.)(I'm kind of like mr. Pibb here but I did once know a nuclear engineer who worked at a Holiday inn)(also someone once described me as having an impeccable ability to enter relate and be even without seeing or pulley having a and b described) (which is probably due to the quantum popcorn metro anything below the Planck constant and some superimposition management within my brain that I've tapped . totally pulling this out of my ass by the way)

Germanmine disinfect the scene... Lovely

 it's slightly different route causes and expressions of those traits that differentiates them. And I think one of the nasty things about this is it shows the level of understanding we have of human psychology now. It's also really close to the limit of human ability to perceive at any one moment or hold things in working memory I wouldn't doubt a fair number of people with phds that are responsible for treating people everyday don't actually have the conceptualization down but it doesn't matter because we've moved it to a Medicaid even if we know the medications are ineffective here's a 15-minute profitable how are your meds meeting. Then we also get the terror ific reports that people are starting to define themselves based on the diagnosis this doctor has given them or that doctor or the other doctor or the mallard duck or somehow convinced u of m Riverside to print the name badge that said MD Boris. although out of professions and institutions I would expect to understand quack that probably is the one.

ne of which was the last line of the chours on the last refrain.  modified to I
I'll eat you whole

.it sounds like there might be some I'll eat your soul in there as well but there's kind of a round format going on and I haven't managed to listen close enough yet. 

Overloading the function of breeze blocks

in computer science or programming and object-based as a sub set there's a concept called overloading of functions.basically you'll say I need the program to do something I need to be able to call on that and reuse it or I would prefer to rather than write it every time that I encounter the need for the code to perform that function so babe the concept is you can name a function like 

New function annoyyourass(){

do a whole bunch of magical shit so the screen is covered with European Union law. annoys the hell out of you because you're not reading that fucking thing you're just please accept and you probably sign your children's lives away. but in between these brackets would be where we define how that happens if later in the program we want that banner to pop up

Annoy your ass is the function name and the () after it is a section where if you put something in between it it's specifying a variable that is only accessible within the curly block after it and the curly block directly under this. The concept of scope. Not the relevant one but helps for understanding


Overloading is if I then define annoyyourass (and put something in here)

the same function name is really two different functions depending on if I passed it variables or parameters

Within that framing or framework if we shift the scope two looking at how narcissism is formed or the cluster b in general

The refrain and the way it changes at the end might be a fitting definition for the crystallization of a narcissist

Especially one caught in a web of them. Or family of them which is actually someone typical. If your family if I say black sheep of your family and you have someone in mind is that a sheep or a scapegoat? Maybe a pinata? Make it out a disco ball mirrors and there might be an irony. You know like bam and Joe an asshole swinging at the shape of a donkey whore projected carms and or the gain from the conflict feeling

With another layer to it because you're swinging at something else and looking at yourself.and yeah in this metaphor we were talking about a person but we're also playing with the perspective of a narcissist.

Side note for narcissists and mirrors; do mind what they say about staring into the abyss. (It tends to gaze back into you) but ironically the mirror might not be needed it's only telling them who's the fairest and it's a pre-recorded message probably alternating with some pretty nasty .. I'm trying to suppress some hate and keep it well-rounded. The issues need to be addressed but without that they are very predatory. Medicine won't fix it.

Tangents on tangents but psychology isn't easy to keep within a small scope when describing how humans end up being at all let alone pathological modes of being

the formation of narcissism and how it reflects in the song and in the experience of those caught by narcissist s

 people end up poisoned to the point of a personality disorder. 

They call it the narcissistic injury crystallizing into the personality disorder. Most people most children are born with sympathy empathy conscience all of those things intact.

Humans are also worthless until about 7 as far as caring for themselves. That is a healthy fear of's also one that apparent with a cluster B disorder might exploit knowing or otherwise it's modern-day is expressed as young kid was playing out in the street and didn't meet the arbitrary rule of maybe even an arbitrary by the daytime of you be back in by whatever time I say. Then 5 or 10 minutes whatever time of I'm having fun with my friends and with a ball or whatever becomes traumatized with the door is locked.

Also worth noting in the song don't eat you whole whether you leave or not they're likely the succubus in the incubus describe well before we had Freud giving us the term narcissist or later doctors cloining cluster B and including NPD. Emotional vampires.did you whole sucky drives the same difference. Fuck your ass so it's bleeding and well where was the Germamine disinfect the scene . She may contain the urge to run away but hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks it's an illusion 2 sleeping with the fishes which might be the ultimate admission or tip in this song whether they intended it or not I think they likely did but what I just said is sort of reflected there because she won't run away but you're going to make sure you hold her there by showing her anyway. And I think women might be this as much if not more no matter what the data set altered by probably cluster B gender studies majors says I've rarely if ever seen any study produced by them that follow the same tific method. If you want to see that in a nutshell the easiest way to see that is when they try to identify their own sources of error in their conclusion or in their study or in their data.

It's the Achilles heel and also a telltale sign asking any of the people with any of those diagnosis to identify where they might be wrong they're not wrong so at most you'll see the token maybe if we put this here the old satisfy it'll look satisfying that we tried but the same tific method relies on that to produce understandings of the world around us not reports that justify what somebody wanted to be the truth.

Bada da da

(If you haven't listened to the song and you're reading this that onomatopoeia alliteration might be lost on you. Also to the cancel culture I was having a debate with on Facebook a while back that was arguing along the lines of listen here Mister large lexicon go fuc yourself I'm pretty sure that's all you get anyway. How do I know that? The shallow effect in birds of a feather.the irony was the same person immediately before accused me of using big words to sound smart without being it .. ba da da da )(there's people way smarter than me Park missing on you as a reader of this stop caring about that if you're not listening to a lecture because you're worried about if someone's smarter door to a group project where you might have learned something well are you smarter than you or not cuz you had the opportunity to get better at it but you are too caught up on which again reflects right back to why this is likely to kill us all or the species) (I'll be the first to tell you that I reasoned that but I was nowhere near the first to do itbe actual phds quite a few of them have come to the same conclusions. We need to get rid of the first best all nun black white oh wait we did.. the dichotomy is too much so whoops let's just drop one and Burn  a police precinct then loot Target. Meanwhile if they're not with you and with you because it's about black people they're your enemy right. The one bit of Hope I've seen is the people that happened to be black we go out there with signs that say all people matter. Meanwhile there's a large subset of that group that is drinking Kool-Aid whether they know it or not poisonous for your mind it's about divide and it's under the banner of and Injustice but divided we'll all experienced a lot of Injustice. And 1992 someone even noted this

if you look at the streets this wasn't about Rodney King about this fucked up situation in these fucked up police it's about coming up and staying on top and screaming 187 on a motherfuking

Let It burn wanna let It burn wanna let It burn wanna wanna let It burn.

Band they did light a fire inside all of us that still is the song the title is about a majority the post is about might as well be a description. Everything below this was an original post I've got to edit more to re combined

Most of this is injured by a transcribe on a smartphone and the keyboard is exhibiting some weird like try to insert a word all the sudden it's inserted into the middle but it was working perfect until you hit space and then some things in the middle of the word when the cursor was nowhere near it.

_________________ ____

Narcissism when it becomes a full-blown personality disorder features fried out or otherwise disabled but mostly logically emulated sympathy empathy and conscience. It's on my to-do list to link some good sources but I seem to recall having read in the past they've done studies and most children are born with bees mental constructs and ability to actually feel not just compute where one would assume with what those concepts are of course if you are one of these things on the cluster B spectrum or full-blown you might not remember what that's like.

but the reason I think the song is a really good metaphor for it is the transition at the end that I discussed right above. I'm sure a lot of the popularity of the song going viral is that last line. I know this because it's pretty popular search. if you're unaware Google and other search engines keep tabs on how often  any given phrases search and even provide info on what's trending. It sounds really dark and the reality might be its darker

Because what I'm suggesting I don't know what the author's intent was but it does fit pretty well for describing a child born comes into the world rich people that they love and appreciate and if they're surrounded by narcissists or borderlines or sociopaths there's a high probabilitythat not only do they literally or metaphorically get the shit kicked out of them it is often communicated to them it's their fault. which probably contributes to eventually burning out sympathy empathy conscience and only getting off on conflict so if you looked at it over the path of life or the path of the formation and crystallization of the disease the last line is I'll eat your soul or eat you whole.

The other reason it's comparable is narcissist often prayed on the fact that a neurotypical bonds with them. What's known is social reciprocation they're basically programmed by brain damage to abuse.Survivors and those caught often described it as walking on eggshells. Because they figure out if someone likes them and that person is normal or let's follow neurotypical without the damage that they have they can blow up or totally manufacturer a reason to be angry and the normal response if you care about someone is to try to make it right. So they're exploiting by terrorizing. From the perspective of the person this is happening to they like that person please don't go I love you so. Where what I'm experiencing is also known do psychology to be the case. Especially with the children they will often create either the illusion or the actuality that leaving them will end their life. Maple Grove Police are intent to overlook any and every felony by demonstration so it's not really just the illusion when it collides with selective non-enforcement of law. It's pretty unethical when the same Maple Grove Police have basically that they won't do that to paraphrase in their mission way to the text narcissists and sociopaths is said to be do their actions match their words. 

Long time ago I came to the conclusion police are like vampires you're probably better off not inviting them to cross the threshold. There are some upstanding police main problem is it tends to get caught up in groupthink and or the culture doesn't allow for somewhat good reason sometimes question of other officers. But the next paragraph refers again to narcissist s.

They are like vampires. it's been described that they only get off on conflict and control or maybe proposed that that's the only things that they really feel other than empty.this was probably described long before even the term narcissist was proposed which if I recall correctly was around the start of the 19 hundreds and by Sigmund Freud

Again if I recall correctly and within a few years it was something like the 1960s that the cluster B personality disorders were described or coined/ named whatever you want to call it.

quite a few psychologists if they arise narcissism might be the undoing of humanity. The biggest problem there is as far as I can see when you do things like gas light and or push the blame at the same time you've not only stopped failure analysis from having any workable conclusion you possibly fucked up the person or the next generation and their mindsets their ability to analyze what is causing the problem. and know the problem doesn't have definition it's meant to be whatever the problem is the day much like the soup du jour. 

This damn keyboard on the smartphone has this issue where if I try to modify things it'll jump at random points literally combined words usually when the spacebar is hit. What I'm trying to put in line with the paragraph below is: it's not hard to reason

  that can amplify from microscale to macro scale. The worst thing is we elect people instead of directly voting for most levels of decision and what many of us don't realize has the media filters who may even run and the popular issues that they even make their platform from one of two predetermined sides the majority of the time. It might as well be tying society to a concrete block and tossing them in the lake.

As per my personal plight

Which really echoes the cloak actuality of what Paul and Marlene do. if I'm right they do it to her sister as well but I can't say that for sure.

My suggestions over the years to help her put a camera in for $30 oddly silent. It's worth noting that however Paul and Marlene might come off to you if you personally know them or narcissist in general it's not a likely a case of well they forgot to remind me or wanted it or thought it was a good idea. there was literally a time where they want spot me like a $30 Christmas present which I really wanted to use it was a wine making kit. Only life in your twenties is known to be one of the most hellish times years later I'm literally getting a new asshole torn because they didn't see me used what they bought me as in well you didn't use that wine kit. They will usually feign ignorance to anything that looks bad for them or anything that they want to forget at any moment but it'll come up years later I highly doubt with the number of times I've said that in front of the family that no one would have remembered it. That price has been valid since the first raspberry pi came out actually know that would have been about $50 but now you can get a raspberry pi zero w for $5 if you have a micro center nearby and a Chinese camera unit for 22 maybe $25 with night vision and 1080p

No it doesn't imply who was in on it there was also an oddity of once they tried to say she's got to be crazy because I believe it was my uncle and my dad stayed the night there on the couch and nobody ever came well that only implies that whoever was doing it didn't come that night and if the person was privy to that happening well...

in general if society's conditioning are generally held beliefs are a person when it do that you're safe assuming that if you think the person might be a full-blown personality disorder they probably would do it just to do it. It's also been said many times by different psychologists that narcissist hide their abuse behind social norms

If they are doing that to my aunt or even if it's just my mom there's something to consider Mary being crazy as far as Marlene tells it is away from Marlene to get attention.over the years I've noticed this odd dichotomy in the way that Marlene will describe my Aunt Mary AKA her sister, depending on the days she's either batshit crazy or the one with the best memory. Those might be possible of being coexistent but most descriptions make that polar opposite.

But that's the thing with narcissist they want the feed. It's not about the relationship whatever your relation to them is with their kids especially it's about the feed that they get from their child's accomplishment or when it comes down to the angel devil dichotomy then the devil child is what was me look what this kid puts on me.

But around the water cooler and superficial relations are even slightly deeper it might be hard to see that that's what they're doing it sounds like a parent talking about their kid. Plus no one has enough time while we have the time actually but we just don't connect deep enough anymore to do anything about it but hey at least for helping mothers kill their children on a government level

But with what's going on right now people talk about how much it's costing them. They literally Ensure I'm likely to be dead because of this if not immediately probably decades off my life but I am in the worst shape I've ever been in. That's also because their actions make sure I have zero purpose for being alive and that wasn't just a one-time action they steal to ensure that. Meanwhile Paul has told me verbatim he owns me two times he needs to control because he wants control he bought me

Clyde rabbit maybe Bonnie rabbit would still be alive right now if not for their malice

The contracted work I was doing had very good shots at getting me a middle class income as well as would have been paid. The parts were paid for it was my decision not to invoice for labor because I didn't want to leave someone who's been good to me out for more than I had to if something came up

I maybe should have revised that at some point in between or talk to him about that but that was what Paul and Marlene would not allow a moment and they still don't really a moment where I can sit somewhere comfortable with my basic needs met and think about my more advanced priorities but now I just don't have any cuz I can't do anything I look like a fucking leper I can't cook a meal because I have Nothing But Clyde in the freezer

yet they file a ofp restraining orders after 9 months forced labor still with all my stuff and then they come and steal again a felony amount they've stocked me since that they've come up there sabotage the car since that.

Might as well be the lyric in the song above

Please don't go I'll eat you whole

I wonder if Sergeant Hansen is familiar with the Minnesota land of 10000 lakes breeze block challenge.

Only the elite can swim with them epoxyed to their feet

The real OG players do this challange with a pencil dive next to a shipping mine. Only after placing a huge rare earth magnet in their swim cap.

It's signaling you won like a boss.

Although there's some ethical issues similar to killing fish with dynamite. But let Peta worry about them.


I think I just described the opposite of putting a bell on a rope in a coffin ( really old cemeteries you might still see this. In case they buried someone alive)

But I think the song that inspired this post is actually( in part) alluding to cement shoes and or sleeping with the fishes. I think there's a narcissistic tie-in as well but one at a time

 "She may contain the urge to run away but hold her down with soggy clothes and breeze blocks"

 what other situation does one encounter behind held down with breeze blocks and soggy clothes? 

However maybe not because Snoop Dogg had a line about cement shoes and now he's on the move. maybe he meant for someone else. Maybe nothing holds the big dog down. it was kind of unclear. Unclear to the extent that I think Sergeant Hansen should solve this mystery for us in the way I've described.

Certainly more ethical than participating in a murder and several felony-level thefts.Creating a forced labor and human trafficking like situation.

there's a related concept and something really wrong with our legal system and our enforcers. It's probably more clear to see with George Floyd but if you think into it it poses quite a few logical issues

The only way to fight an unlawful order from a police officer is to take it up in court. Haven't yet found any indication that also prevents police officers from ordering you not to enter Court.

but the reason I said with George Floyd it might be easier to see the issue

The only option George Floyd had was to contest being strangled to death by an officer later in court.

I think I stumbled upon the non-public release training manual for Minneapolis Police:

That non violent not resisting citizen..

He may containe the urge to run away but hold him down with excessive force and knees , love. Bada da da .

did you say one way to aid memory while studying for a test or trying to learn something is put it in a song.

Combined with civil asset forfeiture there's a lot of problems inherent to the state of legal affairs in this country nonspecific states make it worse.

 like being ordered to give your car which the city's going to then sell maybe some other orders with that maybe not 

but the moment you then try to get to court to contest such things you might now see the problem. For those not from or in the US it's not set up like Europe walking isn't always an option and there's not a whole lot of towns where there's something like a tram.

Most cities in the US were built with the assumption one has a car

This starts to form a framework where the government is beating the citizens with breezeblocks but they're called law.

On a related note everybody aware of the concept of The emperor's New clothes?

If you look into things like American blank association if it comes pretty clear that those that have most of the wealth should be doubly well aware of what conditions in the psych world are and our conditions defined by the psych world. Question that came to mind is if it is the case would anyone have the cajones or the tits to tell the emperor they're naked

If that is the case the probably just gaslight anyway

How do you hook a gas lantern on something micro and soft?

You better have the burn unit on-call regardless of the metaphorical interpretation.


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