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Control freaks

 I don't think it's possible with out a cluster b disorder.

Cluster b disorders are likely brain damage and there's evidence indicating trauma and abuse parent to child or even neglect can create them.

If you search : abnormalities in Gray matter density of prefrontal cortex NPD 

You can see for yourself. Some of the creaters of the dsm are against how it's being used because many diagnosis lack objective critetia.

As far as cluster b it's known many of the lines between the diagnosis are blurry and symptoms of others frequently present in any given.

To me this indicates there is a disease or disorder or a few there. Aka it's real but we might not have the sand lines correctly drawn yet. (And that assumes honest intent )

Something they are said to all share is damaged mental construct of who and what other people are. 

The parent to child part probably illuminates this. As a child who do you interact with most? So if your first example of another person treats you as human property with out needs or feelings... How likely are you to see other people for the complex creatures they are later ?

NPD and I think huge on BPD as well feature this ego shard/fragment that should have been an intact concept of self. Admitting to the smallest of mistakes might make gollum drop his precious and gollum really likes his precious.

Probably more than your heart beat.

Which isn't a problem until we have things like money involved and police prejudice and personal bias compounded by possibly intra organizational alliances and or fedral funding for prejiduce as well as cultural bias. 

And I think with that on a graph we start to see non cluster b damaged populations decline in life span and or quanties alive. 

The issue is the brain is complex and interconnected. These people end up doing something called splitting for most things they encounter.

Everything is best worse , black white and the center case let alone middle or complex intricacies of solving technical issues may end up beyond them.

Or they absue and enslave someone who does the work that requires it while reaping the rewards and keeping that person from a moment of their own prosperity

What I've noticed is there is no give and take. They often take from you for things they do to you. It's sometimes hard to see this because it's rumored they moonlight at the back of imax 3d theaters. They project in 8k uptra uptra hd when not using gas as a light source.

They are a danger to human achivement. Mainly because innovation often requires unknown unknowns (dear God I'm channeling rumsfeld) the school system is good at hardly teaching well known knowns and if we base who survives off that and or who has any access to time to try anything other than work ...

The person with the ability to innovate might die a slave 

The powers that be remain the damaged they are 

And the unknown unknow that might have been defeated by dead spaces innovation wipes humanity off the map.

Or on quicker scale any nation not implementing this may userp the power structure and surpase in tech dominance 

Mean while we are busy redefining racism as the old definition of racism and insisting there is never a c in apparent causal relations  


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