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Covid Should highlight it

 Quite a few people asked why i was the only one to suffer. quite simply i wasnt. I later found out when almost forced derm 2 my dad frequents saw him before me...

he was on anti fungle topical cream (rx) and steroidal eye drops (rx) both of my rabbits had eye irritation everyone in the house had the sniffles. 

I had 0 night vision, joint pain, all kinds of gi issues you dont need described, sever eye irritation to the point i was bleeding from corners was blowing out black crap and my mom knowing full well doctors see multiple doctors in short period as delusional or dr shopping kept demanding i see yet another. 

even after mold confirmed in house but not delt with and first derm diagnosed subarctic dermatitis (about half of the cases are fungal)  after my primary said i need a lawyer not a doctor and to get away from the mold someone my age will get better. if normal laws were respected about theft and forced labor, it would probably have been the case. the 6mo 5 hotels 3 cities and a mental ward in total like 14 rooms due to short bookings ... saw a disappearance of all but the joint pain. unless i re entered environment

but i was trying to adress why me. covid kinda highlights what should be obvious. variations in genetics as well as levels of general health greatly change how the body is hit by anything that might trouble it. 

some people can carry covid asymptomaticly. I find the suggestion mold might be harmless and doesnt pose a risk regardless of symptoms to be insane. how many times has petfood been contaminated with aflo toxin? mycotoxins are the catagory of posions molds produce and they are some of the worst known to human kind. Ergot poisoning may have been largely responsible for the salem trials. effects similar to lsd but way more, brain damage to death (cia once tried to kill an elephant with lsd, they ended up using a bullet instead)

if you read along or have talked to me in person. you might recall my dad was hyper critical of if i used bleach and how i did my laundry

some people in medicin are still trying for objective diagnostic criteria. it seems liability and profitablity have doomed a lot of it and psych is weilded as a cash cow but quite a few normal mds have mentioned what the link bellow does as criteria 5

(4) multiple chemical sensitivity, and (5) enhanced scent sensitivity.

in other words its likely a sign he was suffering it in yet another way (my dad) 

but the main point is diff people diff reactions isnt uncommon. this stuff can also leave you messed up for life and nothing is made better by mal nutrition and stress. 

yet maple grove police allow somone claiming to own me to force labor on moldy car under many threats to self animals and property even with out respirator. respirator i already owned from etching circuit boards. 

instead due to no acountability for powers or concern with law or basic tennants of health i have medical records indicating all sorts of things, continue to be subjected to sub human pstd causing conditions that endanger my life and worry about commitment as much as death. while blowing out 

eating like pics bellow and being able to ride my bike would have been the best preventative and still odds of healing there is. instead forced labor and quick trip or starvation with things stolen to keep me refactoring while the folding table i have for a desk grows their crap from their house and car. ie i dont ahve a place to eat or write or organize a thing, then they steal tools and i end up with out even a working vaccuum. mean while police acting unlawfully for a year and a half pre ofp basicly enforce trafficing and forced labor while endangering lives and property. 

these 2 were inside their walls. bellow was above car headliner. both sunroof drain tubes were plugged and right befoer this forced under threat and duress lease started snow blew through the car turning smolder into raging inferno for the 9 years of mold spores.


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