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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Narcissistic parents and blame

 The difference with a true narcissist as a parent is there is no actual emotional support. It flows the wrong direction if it's there. Mini article say that it ends up almost backwards where they drain the energy from kids or the kids emotions are a nuisance at best but if you don't have tone to the parents as the child there will be hell to pay. well if this is something where they might potentially have fault standard operating procedure is blame the child and or it never happened. Apparently even when it poses threat to life needlessly.

There's really not much point and having criminalize when some people aren't help to them. Especially when it's parents against their adult offspring. I'm not calling anybody a waste but if I read correctly the basis of law for a free people is to stop them from harming each other for one but mainly stop things that harm society nothing harm society more or creates a bigger waist than a life made waste by the people who decided to create it and against laws. You can look at it from a lot of perspectives and find that the economic perspective of under over or ideal level employment the creative perspective the innovative perspective nothing's good or very possible when someone can continuously take felony amounts from you if there's no set standard to achieve no explicitly stated Bar I find it b******* I don't think there is one at all I think it's another excuse. Not that there might not be a perception that the judges Will go on. But if they're not judging on explicit criteria or even worse if there's esoteric cultural standards to me unwritten it's not really Justice. That sort of thing is a black box system. Those don't produce security those don't produce dependability reliability Minnesota got sued for not publishing the source code to its breathalyzers it should understand that.

Even if that is the case humans are are prone all of them myself included. The way we overcome that it is open systems. It helps compensate for personal bias especially when the odds are a life that didn't ask to be dying after serving as an emotional crutch for its creators

Paul tends to infantalize while making all moves traumatic and claiming likrarlene I haven't done things I've demonstrated for over a decade 

Or if they can force a hardship and amplify it with a threat.

Like no furiture equals piles of clothes with broken washer ..Paul is suggesting he will call landlord for me knowing because of his crimes and forced decisions that would be my eviction .

Dad u r sick mom is beyond gone

Clyde should still be alive but if he was u ensure he would die every day.

U make sure I'm stuck with bits and pieces of roting life. Both got physical with me then threaten even to put Clyde in washer after Bonnie died. Tried everything to imply that they killed Bonnie I'm not sure that they didnt.

And that's the other truly f****** perverse f****** predatory thing they do any and everything to debase any and every idea I have about myself about what I've done what I can do what I'm doing what they're doing what they're not doing good habits anything to stop them meanwhile for 2 years now I've asked 2 no answer did my grandpa and my dad side have diabetes and b**** sends me a giant f****** candy bar but can't answer the question I love you I love you know Mom you f****** nasty thing you don't know what that means.

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