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Death and human rape toys Minnesota special

 Paul and Marlene try to reach spin it like I've never cared for myself. in 2006 I was charging $75 an hour for the first hour 30 to 35 after 4 it support services and have for business clients that were regulars two dozen homes and more clients that weren't regular business and home. I was doing web design. I had a regular job for $11 an hour plus commission on top of that.

In 2004 had I not been as mature as I was at age 16 Paul would likely be dead. I got let off of work 3 hours early came home he was incoherent on the couch I almost missed it except for the fact that well my foot was on the top step I caught that in his hand he had the cordless phone pointed at the TV like a remote

It's kind of funny if in all likelihood saving his life means absolutely nothing but allegedly having made him feel threatened while he is actually killing me is reason to strip all my rights and ignore felony-level thefts assault and other harms the no one in this state is worth more than a Slave

There's a few options to explain this one is that the police only screwed up and then in screwing up they figured you can cover your screw up if he's dead or unable to reach Court. it might have something to do with Paul's leadership position former leadership position in one of the SEIU locals of Minnesota it might be some combination it might be something I haven't listed

what isn't okay as the police in the state put tons of effort including starting when you are in elementary school tons of effort into convincing you the police are there to protect you and that this could never happen

October on a or November of 2019 they flat-out told me if what I was saying was true they might be liable then we got a lot worse it's like a Mexican standoff between two people assaulting you stealing from you holding your mail signing your name poisoning you with mold that they created by their decisions with their house when you are in elementary school while literally claiming to f****** on you and the police that make the cartel looked friendly I would imagine I haven't I don't know anyone in that

This is how we destroy our country you let the old pray on the young no one innovates the only thing that happens is maybe the powers that be pulled out for a little bit longer but eventually someone else surpasses us

I'm unlikely to be around to see it pale and Malice have stolen to make sure I don't even have a working vacuum cleaner or a place to sit down they picked this place forced me to labor on their moldy car for 9 months it's right above the garage the floor is like damp to the touch they made sure I didn't have the budget to put on protective clothing that I could take off before entering the apartment the dehumidifier burn down this is f****** death camp

Some people have said to me if I was as smart as you I'd be a lot further by now. I don't like to toot my own horn but what I have noticed is people only see in binary there's another option there assuming you're not saying that as an insult backhandedly then you're not as smart as me and if you were in this position you might not have made it this far


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Immediate  Tangible Asset Needs for basic security health and to end the terror going forward  this totals about $300 for things actually needed purchased most of it os things stolen and held from me  this is an expenditure to reduce money burnt and days hungey. actual new purchases to accomplish that about $400 usd mn police may think it's OK to allow someone robbed repeatedly moved under threat to 43k of assets they help a retired union leader steal and destroy but on a very practice level such as cooking a meal or managing my time this is hell. for the duration it's continued it may be lethal  I really look forward to a meal and dread it. but I'd rather not end up diabetic heart disease or dead. what I mean is 3 years isolated and abused losing all of my pets either seeing my parents who gaslight and threaten or no one. cooking and eating alone... not great but I seriously need to.  my hair and nails are falling out and apart. I'm usualy in enough physical pain I can

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