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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Death camp

 Paul and Marlene are the advanced kind of f****** neurotic.

Your kid demonstrates ability to do board-level electronics repairs

programs well enough that someone with a PhD in computer science once said he was one of the brightest he's ever met

Teaches himself PCB design

Builds the tools to do UV lithography in his apartment

Had enough interpersonal skills to have connections to try to leverage that puts in the work as hard as humanly possible due to timeline

The Paul and Marlene approach to rewarding that is assault him steal everything he owns let alone worked for

Including my kitchen stuff

  Of let's make sure hes alone through the death of his animals stalk him Rob him because we're butthurt  he was correct about our house.

I mean yeah the issue he was correct about threatened the property value and all our lives if not delt with.

Yeah we caused it

But shouldn't he get to be disfigured for our issues ?

Maple Grove PD is like : at your child molesting service how can we help? Dun worry about those fellonies paul. 

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