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Death or incompatible labels

 Peace officer and slective non enforcement of fellony level crimes that leave a person starving in health expert declared dangerous to life conditions

Unless peace is what you experience when the derp fuhrer of the industry contributrs to your murder via starvation and hazardous forced labor.

Maple Grove Minnesotas website lists their police department's mission statement.

I just translated one word to German and added a more modern pronoun where the article should be

When derp fuhrer says we is the master race... We heil heil heil right in the Sargent's face 🤮

What I really found laughable was the call posted further back on here. I'm some 60 miles away and after officer tries to rewrite history she's near yelling at me for talking over her blatent lies. 

Even if I was there in person geting the shit kicked tazed or even shot out me id laugh at how pathetic that is.

New life goal, beat to death by peace officer for sitting at house where 40ish k of my personal property is Held threatened and being destroyed and stating no derp fuhrer I can not comply

I think it would have been interesting to see the blm cancle alliance try that too.

I doubt this will be mentioned but Dr King was a genius on many levels. One was what it would have looked like on the news of police beat people sitting down 

Last I checked every American is educated on the revolutionary war. Lines of soldiers marching at each other it's not an image anybody Lacks

Somewhat related note one day after waiting longer than I was shopping 4 a Walmart employee not to find the video of me coming into an empty store with the shirt on that I had neglected to notice the tag on..

At one point while we waited she mentioned  shes just doing her job.

When I got fed up with the wait a quick step around her and to gain some distance I turned on my heel and just below shouting give her a full heil Hitler complete with the solute before exiting the store.

I'm guessing they eventually found the footage because I've been in there since and she won't make eye contact.

If I die Tomorrow that's one thing I'll be proud of


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