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Monday, January 25, 2021

Death state


We should let Maple Grove Police enact the solution. Let the parents take away their bikes and have the police remind the teenagers that it's not illegal to say you own someone. Maybe Maple Grove Police can start helping parents implement the Turpin strategy?

Someone should tell these kids that it's not worth working for anything if the parents are like mine.

Or let's just start a mall on lifelong medications after the police help the parents ensure that their favorite pets are dead. You know like rather than giving them back their bike no it's just take away everything they work for everything they need to move forward to leverage any of their past. Oh but if you tell Maple Grove Police something it becomes truth even if it's hearsay God isn't that fucking great for justice? I mean I told the police I own all of their houses but they haven't given me all of their things. 

Actually I didn't. Minnesota police don't face a psych eval on hiring. I have a general rule of not looking down on the potentially mentally I'll. Also a strict rule of don't taunt people who haven't had a psych eval can probably shoot you and not face trial at least not to their face.

Maybe that's the problem though cuz this is not a very honorable way to kill someone

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