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Demonstrations of malice or ill-will with criminal law violation

 this isn't intended to be inclusive but I realized I haven't really described and probably won't be able to all of the psychotic things Paul and Marlene do that are counter reaching or maintaining Independence. The dependence was caused by an agreement taken and then there mold. Minnesota does the bait and switch thing a bit though because you then Surprise Police won't enforce anything. Well the person is literally claiming to own you well another one of them's trying to f****** kill you throwing away your valuable things other people's things in crested that supposed to gain middle class career position on completion or other people's things paid for repair basically destroying all means of escape. Maple Grove Police basically if you can met somebody and they lose their job I would see especially if it's adult offspring Maple Grove Police probably would overlook the chains if you choose that method

but after the hotel portion of six months because they decided to change the lock then they decided short bookings even though the intent was my mom had a cancer surgery 2 weeks before she was following me around screaming and attacking and I said to my dad hey I've got another job to do now that have some liability and needs my concentration I don't think raising her blood pressure like that will be good for the surgery she has coming up or recovery afterwards do you think maybe a hotel for a little bit?

and then it turned into nope we change the lock and my mom saying don't call or come around here anymore even though during the eight months there god dammit I just grabbed this elsewhere one of the games that play in general is gaslight everything we're not doing anything to you no one here has done anything to you while they're doing it or other days they'll tell me it's cuz I'm a brat well yeah except if you gave me anyting the education says you're obligated to pay for the services you demanded while I was staying there well Marlene said she was my landlord on top of it in estate that accept or releases and that's a felony amount stolen even after market rate rent is subtracted Maple Grove Police basically contribute to slavery but this isn't supposed to be about them.

Now once I was in the forced lease in St cloud again where I didn't want to be because I realized I don't have anything like at first Ed I had thought that was the way to go cuz my stuff was here then I realized Monticello would have been much better but it didn't matter they picked where I lived the apartment the town Dave pick they went to one didn't tell me they put a deposit down till the end of the month every day for 3 days until I drove to St cloud & the lease I was threatened and called repeatedly told I need to sign it right now right now right now it's going to be gone they didn't even tell me they put a deposit down to hold itnope you have to choose this one you have to sign out right now are you going to be homeless. I even set on one of the calls I'm well I'm signing it under extreme duress then

but then right as the hotel stay and all of a sudden snow blows through the cab of the car which kicked off the nine months of clean our car in your apartment with nothing but clyde rabb

it and then debt Clyde rabbit in the freezer and still  in the freezer

but during that. I had literally nothing Maple Grove Police blocked me from getting a vie thing on the day the lease started in the hotel last of five hotels ended I wasn't like that I was in one I was being jerked around not even told the end date sometime and that was never the plan I was never even given unfettered access to my things even though I had moved back in not like I never left I had left I move back in and then they say they're my landlord they demand services they know I've done professionally since 2004 to the tune of a felony amount even after rent and then Maple Grove Police just give them everything and then don't care about the biological warfare they commit but I'm alone with nothing and water has sprayed everywhere in this car due to snow going through the vent which my dad all but directly said he didthis car and would not give me title to they had 43 g of my stuff had stolen 6300 and services and I think it was probably valued at 2009 so maybe it was a $9,000 car. But no they make sure I can't even do the cleaning of at the diemolding of it the remediation of it 9 months I have identified right away what I would need to be able to do that and the budget they worked actively to make sure I could not have the budget even when  2Grand from IT services.for a company in St cloud which had been significantly delayed due to the hotel jumping and should have been significantly more but it's very hard to argue that when you know it's that delayed because of that yet another way Maple Grove Police enforce dependents and slavery on top of it


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