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Deteriorating conditions

 If I really was paranoid the fact that the other day someone opened my door and the fact the door no longer works I would be dead sure but I'm not.

and yes it's awfully odd because I've lived here since being forced to sign the lease under duress which was January 2019 and once after a new neighbor moved in across the hall someone tried to open the door other than that yesterday was the only other event like that
it's hard to say how long the door was messed with then because I always have the bathroom fan on which is right by the door. Even with it running 24/7 to paint is back to peeling above the shower but that obscured in the ability for me to hear that until I heard what I thought maybe was the door open I do hello I'm here and then I said get the f*** out and the door shut quickly

Today handle stops working so it's  in odd but no way could I definitively say they were related.
Then again it's my name on the lease I signed the lease under threat and duress well my dad's threatening terrorizing my mom is doing the same holding all of my property my dad starts pretending he doesn't know what a text message has demands I email him things. So eventually I comply and the email address they've had since probably 2002 all of a sudden is sending back invalid sender

Then I find a note in my door from apartment management saying my email address is bouncing and it's their f****** email address

But logically two or more possibly separate party events they don't add towards anything in this case
of course that doesn't mean they don't either but God damn if some lies were just followed I might not be in this position that's lethal regardless

I don't know if management actively reads this but I'm pretty sure they've read some of these posts or the other website. The thing that was odd about the email address is I had already talked to the person above the landlord MCC the landlord at the time that I was getting your email address is bouncing I had done so with my email address not the one that all the sudden appeared on their files if they're to be taken seriously. Or maybe at their word.

Reason I'm decently sure they read this or have is posting about how the garage door opener lacked even the spaces to connect optical safety sensors... All the sudden I got a new garage door opener this apartment complex has oh I don't know rough guess 70 garages with those old openers. Well at least my neighbor mentioned there's only got upgraded about a month before mine ended up getting upgraded maybe they did the whole complex at that point but those have been illegal for so long now.

Mechanism that controls the normal latch not the deadbolt broke off inside

also block me for not taking a picture of the door when I moved in or rather was forced into the s*** hole but what was a crack in the door that indicated someone had tried to kick it before

Is now well...

The handle wasn't doing s***. To be clear the door is unlocked in both videos above. There is no lock on the handle.

This part was not retacting when turning the leaver.

 I tried with a bank card and my ID for 10 minutes before I put my shoulder to the door.

Earlier today it did the same thing in the video I posted first but my bank card let me in

Earlier this year my external door key twisted off in the lock to the buildings side door.

Funny how another resident who let me in one day knew what causes that. An elderly Tennant said:

"I had just told my [so] we need graphite for our door lock"

Slightly modified for anonymity

The management here we'll bust into the without notification while you yell stop is concerned abouta hose an inch out from the door of the garage door but maintaining their latches can't do it are supposed all ill now pay for a new door.

there is after our services but they're provided by a third-party it would have cost $50 that's intended for lockouts

And actually I can't even get the one package of ordered in a long time because I don't have the front door key. I was given two copies of it on moving in or rather arriving at the torcher cell.

and I've had exactly three people here. But two of them came as a group. When was the brother of someone I worked with. This person later admitted but shortly before that my parents had contacted him about he can have a client taken from me if he does...

I have good reason to suspect he swiped the second copy of the door key on their bidding. There was one moment in my empty living room where I saw him reach for a counter and couldn't figure out quite what he would have grabbed.

If you look around at the photos I owned all sorts of organizational furniture. It's hard to know where anything is under piles of clothes on the floor and with three folding tables now growing the abusers mold.Funny

 how when Maple Grove Police help me legal zero notice eviction and then don't change course when somebody is holding your mail claiming to own you assaulting you and stealing felony amounts from you

Funny how unethical Nazi police might take a life

I appear to be playing the if we allow no records but what we want or what fits our narrative created and the other party keeps going well if he's dead there's no liability especially when the family is doing it to him. Usually I think the worry would be next of kin might Sue but...

They're the ones using the police and false police reports as weapons

The back wall of the garage in this apartment part of the reason I went hungry is one of the first things I did on seeing this is something I intended to do anyway. At the time I didn't have the cold fogger yet so with 32 $40 bottles solution that's known to prevent mold I lightly sprayed the walls. what's the industry standard for killing and encapsulating it is well. It's in the cabinet or cubby that they have for if they rent the garage to two people so each has their own locking space but also that cubby follows all the bad do knots for how to prevent mold growth


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