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Mental Healthcare and Police Enable Discriminitory Abuse and Drugging Victims

Drugging victims while police enable thefts physical assault and poisoning 

Hypothetical (not for me but...) :

Someone claims to own you

They are physically abusive to you and your animal friends (your animals)

Emotional/psychological terrorist(s)

Claimed to be your landlord then 8mo and 6300 on skilled service  later later changed the lock with 0 notice.

Police help them keep, threaten and destroy your animals, and all your property while relocating you 5 or 6 times in the next 2 years under various threats. 

Police censor or outright refuse to allow reports against the party(ies) that claim to own you. 

so far ive kept this worded like this to avoid gender. worth pointing out that any strength difference is hard to justify in this situation as its 2 on 1. its non existant when the police are involved. gender has never that i know have discounted pstd or cpstd for the victim police can easily make this worse by working on hearsay. 

the disgusting thing is the mental health system is set in a way where it will label male abuse victims any sort of delusional disorder rather than  victim. Actually the more i look into it the more i see psych is being weaponized rather than remaining a tool of healers. everything is being defined as genetic at a time we know genetics dont work like that. At a time we know nurture after birth can flip genes. if you think im full of shit. what im talking about is epi genetics. I dont have time to deal with the totally ignorant so heres a link straight to the point:

The point being abuse can cause genetic changes or activate dormant genes and calling it genetic therefor it must be life long is disingenuous when the system first creates this risk and the person communicating that profits from seeing you and may profit additionally from medicating the symptoms. 

but the further rub... of sickos in md jacking off children while playing drug prescribing jailer for adults (trying to paint a picture here)

further issue is even some of the creators of the DSM object to how its being used and what its become. The main objection is many of the diagnosis's have no OBJECTIVE criteria. When there is financial incentive to act unethically and especially in psych where the meds probably wont outright kill the person  (less negative consequence for doing so.) and even if you get it wrong what happens? the meds cause issues or worsen it so what happens? either on their own or court ordered now you patient is securing your paycheck more with regular visits. ie fucking up just became job security so the negative consiquense for being wrong is almost non existant and dependent on the med the pharmaceutical company may be cutting checks for every script the dr writes. bonuses on top of the normal paycheck for drugging people. 

psych wasnt the intent of this post but i need to connect back the dots i was on here...

take pstd and schizophrenia with the things i just communicated in mind (lack of objective criteria) you might see the symptoms lists even communicated to the public have quite a bit of overlap. one is dangrous and halunicinates right? actually auditory haluciantions have some pretty simple explenations ill cover another day and you to can have them (something like 90% of the pop if awake over 72hrs iirc a study correctly) 

but what im trying to get at is how drs with out ethics and corpo gov hybreads/ no seperation of powers can generate a slave like state of existance. further more gender discrimination may come into play where a woman who has abused her son to the point of pstd is still a nurse practitioner posioing and ocasionaly assulting and felony level robbing her son.

so who was given a delusional label dispite the only prior psych issue being pstd. 

the red lines for spelling errors are visible at the moment. i can barely focus on the screen though. 


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