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Monday, January 4, 2021

Distopia is

For-profit healthcare granted government powers https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/view/bureaucratic-takeover-american-psychiatry

Population that's forgotten appeal to authority is a logical fallacy

It's also police wiping out families and eventually innovation

It's police enabling parents to take their children's efforts and trash them.

Its trust me I don't need to see expert testimony my wallet wants a bonus there for i reject objective reality and your reality and substitute a short drugged life of abuse and loss.

Dystopia is when parents not only try to keep their offspring from achieving what they put the effort into what they can do but any level of comfort. Pure hell is when they literally tried to kill you even though more likely than not one of them has had the last 12 no 16 years probably yeah 32 I was 16 when it happened Paul has had 16 years that he likely would not have if not for my maturity. Meanwhile he starves me by feffe by every method you can I hate you f***** up faget you should have died in 2004 if you die now I'll s*** in your coffin and slit my throat at your funeral

You don't do this out of any need you just got hit with the desire to have someone to f****** beat on you nasty imbecilic f****** cretin

Paul is the level of disturbed where on my 30th birthday while I'm bleeding from the corners of the eyes he takes the car keys to ensure I can't visit friends who have invited me to their house

Maybe two weeks before he had said you have to come to me wanting me to be his emotional crutch while they're hiding my keys throwing away my things throwing away other people's things taking clothes off my bed throwing them in the basement throwing them in the garage he's been going to the bar at least once a week two handfuls of social functions hot air ballooning all kinds of things for my rabbits are sick I'm bleeding from the eyes he's lying about being on optical steroids or I dropped steroidal eye drops prescription prescription antifungal cream asking me why I'm the only one who's affected when my rabbits are sick as well. But he wants me to be his emotional crutch because with all that attention Paul feels empty inside and Paul doesn't have enough friends. It was like two weeks later he took my keys on my birthday blaming a pissy little snow storm. Senior year at Maple Grove Senior high I drove the green F-150 to goldstein's funeral doing about a hundred miles an hour most of it controlling skids at that when the back end would come out that's actually the most scared I've ever been driving but only for a split second that second was when the square in front of me turned out to be the front of a semi truck grill 

then I realized it was getting towed

The even grosser part is later like a week later he was gaslighting having done that.

he had said he had to take my keys to keep me safe from the storm. Then the child molester I own you later like maybe an hour maybe 45 minutes he John why don't you come for a ride with me I like driving in the snow

  a week later will gaslighting she laughs loudly and says ha I said that?

Paul a pair of soiled underwear has more value as a person than you do

You're a f****** abomination

And he still has more than Marlene

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