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Sunday, January 3, 2021


 This probably fits better on the vengeancetech site but router update has left me with out that at the moment. if i could bring myself to sit on the floor hunched over typing for long i could probably fix that i just dont have it in me. my legs will be numb in 5 min then i get to stumble back to the bed clyde died on.

I have a non human robot application in mind for electro active polymers (EAP).

whats lovely about quad copters also sucks...battery. thats all im gonna say despite ill never get to do anything with it at this rate and alterntives to this? what alternatives? 

you dont recover from years of malnutrition starvation and exaustion caused by theft threats and assults by becoming homeless. Its hard to escape someone else doing something to you when they have disposable income up the butt (relatively) and are willing to steal to make sure you get nowhere. 

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