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Every direction at once only a few times is enough

It's hard to argue it doesn't take money and or friends to escape a bad situation. Even the federal government's documents on human trafficking indicate such. Yet Minnesota police at least Maple Grove in particular seem to have no qualms about separating someone from nearly an officer salary in personal property. Doing so while helping steal a felony amount in services.

 That would be pretty bad on its own except with no requirement or no oversight in if reports are taken factually( or at all) it's easy to paint it as an entirely different case. 

For instance to felony-level thefts have occurred since I was general notice locked out from all of my property. Several smaller ones.there is no good way to prioritize when it's demonstrated someone can repeatedly take any amount from you. This conditions terror this conditions whatever step you make it doesn't matter. When you then face the threat of something like commitment you're possibly looking at out of The frying pan into the oven and in my case I've demonstrated ability to care for myself repeatedly demonstrated when I need to seek counseling I do so. That was demonstrated back in 2007 in 2006 I spent 45 days alone in Europe at age 18 I called home exactly once I had a dream that cosmos cat was sick. they didn't tell me until I got back he almost died of a kidney infection. I'm not claiming I have any ability but that was one of the spooky or instances in my life I'm not trying to say anything about abilities or not I can't explain that but the point was I didn't have to call home for anyting nearly 5,000 miles away from home 45 days alone staying in hostels some with some families that I knew but that's really not the point although to this day deeply appreciate their gratitude.Minnesota appears to have a behind the counter price list on what actually defines emancipation other than what federal law would say is the age of majority. If that's true then there's no way to be sure you've reached it because it's esoteric it's not known to you. It's also in that sense not only mutable as a situation requires because if you don't know what it was how do you know if it's changed from the perspective of someone encounter in this hell. How do you know if you've accomplished it unless it's made official at some point? And why are law professors at least the one I had stressing that even minors can own property when police will basically assistance slavery and human trafficking in the state?

but more than that when police act on hearsay that might be in the interest of the party telling it and might not be truthful why is there no thought of what that can do to unsub ility to maintain evidence? especially in the state where we blurred the line between civil and Criminal and gotten rid of any time. In which one is limited to filing the blurriest of charge ?

How can we be so far from realizing that apparent almost always has a position of power over their offspring? Anyone trusted has the ability to do you harm. The relation between parent and child is usually always one of trust. There may be family dynamics that make it even harder to spot when that trust is abused. Also on average the parent has had at least 18 years to establish themselves in the world over the child it's not like that changes. When we fail to enforce criminal acts parent to child it's hard to argue anything but the parent has a position capable of doing enormous harm to the child or adult child adult offspring if you will. Unless you're saying that nothing in life is based on being able to make a commitment or to deliver something on time as agreed. If we give the parent permission to steal anything at any moment what are we doing? I can't see this as anything but hurting those who have it the worst off from the beginning or pretty bad it's hard to judge that sort of thing in explicit non-subjective terms other than it's pretty bad

it's also generally known that success requires foresight and planning than execution of that plan. That doesn't mean the first plan is going to make it coveting is definitely a great skill. If someone can make you pivot on demand that is terror especially when it's in violation of law but law won't be enforced due to family relation and only one sided.

It's also known that sometimes having more money at one moment saves a greater expenditure by being able to do something right the first time.there's also a concept called time value of money but I'm going to stick with the more basic that I'm explaining. It's far more likely that a parent has that then their eighteen-year-old offspring. If we allow a parent to repetitively steal a felony amount we are doomimg people. No child on this Earth today has ever asked to be born.

Police refusing to allow reports or heavily censoring them along with repeated theft that's enough to hurt anybody's severely to cost any job. But what happens with civil court and ofp s it almost becomes well it definitely becomes the possibility for it puts the lotion on its skin and it gets the court again. If you have time and any of my personal property minus there mold to organize I can produce recordings of Paul telling me he owns me twice saying he bought me a third time possibly the one where he wanted me to repeat the word slave

No I'm not sure what posting any of this online does to a criminal trial if that were to come to that. What I am sure of is with what I've been told police reports contain like the audio of officer Hanson Sergeant Hansen in Maple Grove it's strictly limited to only the case they want to paint. If that infect is what goes on them and I die in these conditions then how much of a likelihood is there effect truth being brought to light minus -this website?
culpability and or liability is highly unlikely no matter what and the police played in it if there's no audits and they can control what goes on record.

you can argue governments going to do what government wants and that may be true except it becomes a bit unethical in Minnesota tries to advertise some of the strongest protections of human Rights and anti-discrimination. If the police aren't held to those and the police can put you in a situation where you might not reach civil court how effective are those?


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