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Faulty logic

 People assume that if you have the ability you can get the grades which is easy to prove wrong because there's 

plenty of learning disabilities that can interfere with how you test. There's also just no argument behind that or the pay that comes from it when nothing is protected for one party and even words are reason to prosecute for another. Worse than that demonstrated that something you use everyday but I'm writing this on right now would not be possible without someone who died in poverty. Nikola Tesla. Meanwhile GE is general electric butt was Edison's company.

Paul is a child molesting f****** f*****

Paul literally claims to own me

I have recorded admission they contacted people I worked for people I worked with to try to interfere with me having anyone anything

Maple Grove Police help them steal estimated 42 Grand of my things then to felony theft sentence 2 years living with the corpse of my friend and therapy companion animal Clyde rabbit

well officer Sergeant f******* Hanson tells me how sweet it is I'm driving a car valued at the same amount of the ship they stole after nine months of labor that's left me looking like a f****** leopar

Bob dippa. Badu by crooked cop by you

Don't miss the hansons hit single sergeant Pepper's end assisting a child molester with murder

It's a smash Hit of unethical proportions

almost like it to Maple Grove officers that reiterated it's not illegal to say you own someone

between excusing opening mail in my name signing my name to endorse a check from that mail reports that police reports have been used as weapons falsified to use as weapons

And yeah that's a dig at their weight. I mean put in proportion helping someone commit felony level crimes that endanger the life of another citizen I mean definitely the fact that I'm making a joke about their weight that's really what we should be focused on. Not like the violation of their ethics violation of their mission statement or you know the death of equality under the law. Or helping murder someone with a badge on

the state has literally said the system so police can help kill you to cover their own liability unless you have the patience of a saint you'll end up dead anyway

And I guess we all end up dead at some point. Unless you have a spare to Grand. Then you can get your Gene sequence in stored and assuming nanobots come along you can theoretically live forever at that point. Sounds out there it's entirely real.

I somehow doubt they'll be doing that but we're all going to die at some point and in the meantime some officers make sure that some people die in their 30s well their parents claim to own them some officers make sure that incest molesters can murder their children

Then go home to properly their significant other and 60 Grand a year lifestyle

Beating off to road House is probably optional (Ron white joke)

Pale rapist will try to guide the convo to what they give but when they take 43 Grand when I'm now two years overdue for a dental implant with the rest of my dental health seem to fail blowing out black s*** isolated because I can't hold on to anything without them stealing it...

The other problem becomes prioritizing every 2 seconds

doing so while I can't escape the toxic problem they cause they paid to be rid of four of them they use like a bio-weapon will threatening even the ashes of one of my pets they steal to make sure I can only do exactly what they permit o or sit in their f****** mess

problem is exactly what they want is sometimes for me to starve and me not to be able to get the dental implant that I need to not have a f*****-up jaw. Maple Grove Police support incest murder abuse felony level theft and endangering a citizen's life rather than risking the possibility they might be liable for their decisions even if it equals slavery enforced by the police


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