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For Those With out Police enhanced molesters


For those with police inspirered or enforced injustice:

buy a hand gun or 3d print then buy:
  • 3x nema stepper motors
  • GPS by ublox
  • begal bone black. 
  • 2 usb cameras one close one wide
  • Stepper controler (this translates low current low voltage signals from the brains to higher voltage and current signals that drive the servo motors)
  • Lithium ion battery pack. Something like an 18v power tool battery might work in a pinch 
  • Appropriate dc-dc voltage converters. Assuming drill battery above you need 2 step downs. The mcu/sbpc/bbb   wants 5 maybe 3.3 but if it's powered via USB assume 5v 2a . steppers like the ones I listed need 12v and Max at 350ma. One step down rated  2a should be sufficient for those
  • A frame and metal base of some sort. Keep in mind recoil from a Glock 19 is said to be about 2lbs of force 

Ship a loaded auto turret to treasonus officers home

Inspired By

I first saw this on Reddit in 2009. The targeting accuracy they achived using a netbook powered by Intel atom was impressive. Iirc they used two webcams one on the barrel and one wide angle . 

A note on targeting from Ron white(show desktop version if video isn't bellow) :

police in two cities are ensuring someone who claims to own me can posion assult and fellony burgle me to death I figured I'd post a modern update to leave a legacy 

Possibly as a means to reach out and touch faith from 6ft under or as a pile of dust 

Edit Below this for anyone viewing the desktop version is a YouTube player set to Depeche modes song. Mobile viewed might miss the joke.

Don't worry, Faith enthusisaticly consented  

Old dogs new context? Subjective courts? Old standards?
I digress

a word on DC to DC converters ratings 

These China made units easily sourced from eBay are not usable to the full amp rating.

Even if the chip used says it's limit is that. They cut every corner they can.

One example is they use pcbs with too thin of copper under the mask layer. I've seen the heat desolder the switching chip. A thicker coper layer is more thermal mass disapation and ultimately component retention 

Or as Canadian YouTuber Ave would say: more verky verky

One night I spent an HR looking for smell of hot electronics. Then noticed a CCTV cameras black on the display.

I was injecting 42v into Ethernet to power it and dropping it to 5 with a unit like pictured above. I found the main chip on the floor when I finally walked over to the camera (mounted 8ft up on the wall)

3 Servos

To borrow CCTV industry terms. Pan tilt zoom. Except we are replacing zoom with boom.

Rotate, tilt, Trigger.

A solenoid might be superior for the trigger


It might take a .tor site but common hand gun models are available already 

And 3d printing the lower part of your weapon might be superior. 

Using a program like freecad you can modify the pistols hand grips to have the required mount points. You also circumvent registration and background check laws.

Then simply order the slide and related assemblies and you never bought a gun😂

Don't forget hollow points are your friend!

It's like the one laptop per child program but darker. Similar target market , impoverished vs impoverished of the mind?

When shipping 

Pro-tip:where it says package contents try death to infidel

more seriously you can probably get around shipping restrictions if you know anybody that works the print center at office Max

They are usually the ones to seal the package or might just slap a label on it. Less checks than trying to get FedEx or UPS directly 


Search paintball gun auto turret. Most of the work is already done and downloadable 

You can use Google maps to get GPS coordinates then it's just a matter of an average or less than equals in your comparison statement.  activate your turret of Justice when it's close to preprogramed lat and long. Sleep when it's not

The paintball gun version already includes the sound files for the sound effects that the turrets in the game portals make.

"Are you still there?"

 I'll be personally proud of you if you have it say aloha snackbar

Like a Rachel Ray dish where Hawaian meets a Mideast zest

If you insist on reinventing the wheel ... See opencv to do it a bit quicker.

Either way if one uses the BBB the goal is to implement the servo commands with the integrated TI PRUs featured on the bbb

The prus operate independent of cpu. Something like a Linux thread using cpu to decide if it's time to update can throw off the signals commanding your servo to turn .

as a law-abiding person myself I wrote all of this while driving without my seatbelt on. Damn this govener and 110 as Max.

If I'm still alive a future post may be about can bus hacking

Legaly registered LLC 

Maybe I'll file an LLC: your friend in privateers on the floor Inc.

With five grand I could send them even to their families. 

God bless public records

And let's not forget Alfred Nobel. He makes a great alternative

I wonder if merchant of death Inc  

Todo: MN secretary of states name checker

Pro-tip: does insurance work to pay court fees?

Remember same name is allowed of separate industry and purpose (St cloud state biz law might be good for something after all. You're right officer Hanson they gave me enough)(enough death abuse and waste for several lifetimes. Enough one life time original couldn't encompasses it all)

(Rage against the machine: bulls on parade. Is bellow this on desktop view, abslent for mobile viewers)
What can brown do for you?

Rally round their door step with a machine full of shells 

In doing so the ultimate humor will be if the normally unlocked unit door gets kicked down 

Dark humor is like food when police support people who claim to own you..not everyone gets it

Dark humor is also like asking they update your records to tick the DNR box on a suicide hold medical wrist band

Those unaware: Do Not Resuscitate

The one and only time I'm looking at that unticked box on my wrist band going "they won't find that funny John"

I find it funny how police causing risk of death and ignoring felony level crimes that endanger life can lawlessly execute a suicide hold

You shall not escape someone who claims to own you with death only they can kill you

Discount code:unionyesmassa

There are 3 police union locals and 3 seiu locals in MN. They are bound by an org called ctw. My "owner" was VP of one of the seiu locals for 25 years. I have to wonder if that has anything to do with this
I don't even have a printer . I do have this (above)in my sinuses and knowledge of the reality that diet or lack there of negatively influences immune function 

Police illegally executing a medical hold on someone they are ensuring is human property is the ultimate in dark humor  

The second punch line is when the State bar association hotline tells you no one touches these cases

Maple grove MN. Maple Grove Minnesota:  a quiet subarb where police participate in indentured servitude,bio terrorism, forced labor and human ownership of other humans

Vacuum pull down UV lithography exposure box

Compared to teaching myself pcb CAD, ee principals and building the tools to do UV lithography,producing my designs on hardware made to make them auto turet is easy

Life is like pokeymon.. 
nsa and fbi watch lists ?

 Got catch em all!

 I've got a 4 letter word followed by a 3 for 3 letter agents.

 Similar to Fun University 

Coming soon, a 10 to 20 dollar device for rapid unscheduled destruction of gas tanks with a nod to a Danish king and jb weld puddy



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