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Friday, January 1, 2021

Gun powder and shits

 I wonder how much is required to put a hole on a gas tank

Also the roads tonight are pretty ruff

Dogo does a drive

I trust this driver over officer Hanson any day. 

In other news I'm not sure if can leave this quick trip. I can physically do so.. can I do it with out violently shiting the car seat ..not sure yet. 

Funny thing about when police and and embed criminals that also claim to own you.

I guess if we go hamarobi it's gonna be eyes, pancrious month, and brown eye.

As oral health is linked with heart health... Might as well just be life for life. I see it far more likely this kills me and the  rapeful police grove  go on to help more people abuse and murder others.

Minneapolis is rumored to have registered knees as a protected mark so I suppose maple Grove had to find it's ownethod of brutality 

I know I know how dare I suggest it's about police hurting people instead of black lives .

To me anyone who agrees with what I said directly above just excluded blacks from the set of living beings labeled people.

Don't worry about cancelling me...someone's beating you to it.

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