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Friday, January 1, 2021

H1B unions and Trump

 I just open my Google news feed. The police helping someone literally trying to kill you by poisoning and assault well multiple times stealing felony amounts cousin lent to me being able to keep up with much of anything let alone what Trump is or isn't doing. But I wrote just now that Trump extended the H1B Visa ban. I wasn't aware he had done that to begin with. 

One thing I had caught was that he got rid of NAFTA. I'm not sure what was put in its place or how favorable to anyone in this country it was or was not. I am aware that unions in America weren't very happy with NAFTA for as long as I can remember. I would think they would have been happy with H1B visas being banned as well. We got this far as I know labor was very anti Trump. I'm not really for Trump myself but I can't say that I hate him I didn't vote for him I didn't vote at all in the last two elections. Someone's claiming to own me and that's not exactly making it easy when police are discriminatory and enforcement. The last election would have been hard to vote the one before it I could have I just didn't like either candidate. A joke that was going to write in Vladimir Putin. Whoops. As long as I can remember though map NAFTA was a banging in American labor unions side or rather Thorne. My dad talked about it quite a bit. You should know something I mean there's three SEIU locals in Minnesota and he was vice president of one of them for probably 25 years.

I would think that the H1B Visa ban would also be something the Unions would have looked favorably on has the tech sector has a lot of high paid positions. I kind of wonder why the Union's going to try to make a move on programming. I think Danny stern was very bright in a lot of what he said and did. Recently I read that he was calling Nash internationalisation the race to the bottom and it was attributed to 2010. I seem to remember that being said as far back as 2003. I'm pretty sure I first heard it at the SEIU international convention in San Francisco slightly before John Kerry made a speech. He had that absolutely dead on whenever it was first sent or realized. I don't think most of us have realized just how bad it's going to get I have but without law enforced without discriminatory practice or with law enforcement in Waze that literally wiped families out I don't have much room to maneuver. What every person can do to any person who threatens their existence is usually the same or mutually assured destruction I don't want to do that I just want to be able to have my work contribute to my future. It's hard to say that's possible when someone has stolen my ability to complete anything and everything I've ever worked for then stolen several times since my health is now failing. if the only room I have is to take out those taking me I can't see an argument where anybody is equal if that's not the case not saying I'll do it I don't know that yet I won't shoot randoms though. That's the ultimate cowardice even if I can see how people come to that

The unrealized part is if cluster B conditions are as communicable as I think they are they literally program the population by normalizing them. Narcissists in particular are known to have zero sum logic where success and prosperity has to come at someone else's loss or your gain is their loss.

The population that literally sabotages it's kids friends and neighbors fearing that if they get ahead it's a loss for the sicko

Hunger games world in comming. 

Sometimes people don't realize that other people having things different or advantages that they didn't might still produce better world for them in the end or along the way. Had I not been able to pay for that trip to Europe after high School the conditions I'm living in probably would have drove me to opem fire on a crowd. Hostiles actually look like five star hotel compared to the hell I'm in. That's the smallest of examples or practical ways I can explain that. And while having advantages others might not have still contributed to that I also worked to pay for it

The thing I've noticed is say it explicitly and people still assume it wasn't me who paid for it literally forced delusions my thoughts are your reality but I'm not the sick one. These people having kids is probably the sexiest thing I can imagine. But I don't have to I've lived it

This too shall soon end

But keeping with the communicable theme. Consider some of the traits of that condition or of those conditions. If life forces majority of people to end up that way and that way includes lying and destroying people thinking it gets you ahead how do we hope to have anybody to elect to lead that doesn't promote more of that?

Nothing about the masses doing anything makes it okay or non delusional. The current definition of delusion by American psychological association excludes anyting a culture beliefs regardless of evidence. There's a push to define normal as whatever the herd finds okay. This isn't compatible with Justice this isn't compatible with equality. It's already been proven it's compatible with abuse and killing Innocents. Look at the Mayan culture

Human sacrifice

We need to stop being so f****** sick nothing about a lot of people makes it okay.

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