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 I need to be away from this fucking mole is infested forced to do labor over and over again without the budget to fix it because they steal Harmony they do everything they can to make sure I have nothing but what they give me they take anything I earn 

1 take away from what slavery wants was in America is a lot of people involved you didn't see anything wrong with it

Right defined as normal or healthy defined as normal is a sign of a sick culture because normal has been very many sick things to marry many others

What good science has shown is healthy is if you do work with any value which the moment someone offers to pay for something it has value then you should have the reward of that pay

What science has shown is if someone is allowed to interrupt that you are literally creating conditioned terror conditioning pain where there should be reward and the reward I'm copying is not an all-expense-paid vacation I'm typing the reward is the peso you can fucking eat

Or the case so you can have the time with whatever you do with the pay to decide how you use that time  thatmoney

When police ignore law with prejudice towards party and if somebody starves as a result I'm starting to be perfectly okay with the notion of eating police

It's not healthy but they tell us we're all equal right? What if I make it the norm then is it healthy? Just questions I'm looking to have answered including how much it cost to buy someone in Minnesota and have immunity from police investigation or even taking reports. Maple Grove mayor wasn't interested in answering

this ultimately destroys the middle class because if one needs to go to court in states to have this dealt with you either need to know law or have the money to spend on it if someone can repeatedly be stealing from you accessing your bank accounts loving into your accounts opening your mail signing your name what are the chances you can acquire the funds even if you're working or hold on to them? How about the free time required but even if you have them you're transferring them to the lawyers and to the state for what the state claims is equal enforcement of law anyway I wonder what the difference in taste between a lion la maker and a lion police officer is? I wonder why I can just have any of the relief any of the safety that they tell us we have the rights we have to not feel this way apparently only apply to who has money and who makes it to court first and criminal law isn't even a concern unless you say steal a bottle of wine from arbor lakes but the police will help you steal nearly and officers yearly salary from your child

Meanwhile while I was living there Marlene would follow me around eventually she tried to push me over the railing but far more off and was screaming I'm abnormal 

not normal

You're weird

this is psychological torture because the moment I leave I have to ask for keys because at some point they've grabbed them even if they're in my bedroom but then asking them to stop doing something like that results in screaming leave which is really can we see if we can make him beg for the keys that he needs to do what were screaming and terrorizing him but then you steal human traffic someone for like a year and a half making sure that anything they earn is taken away or spent on the problems you force and Minnesota is more than happy to put me in a psych ward for Minnesota not enforcing criminal law in what is that endanger life livelihood pursuit of freedom sanity sense of self

I'm not sure who's the player and who's the game between the lawmakers and the enforcers but maybe though don't eat the player applies

I don't know I have no ability to have ambitions towards anything because it's been repeatedly demonstrated police won't allow even confessions on a report I make money they take it to set me back

Obviously there's a bit of tongue-in-cheek here but I feel the need to mention that because of the fact that it's been demonstrated that against state law paranoid is enough to detain someone for three to five days in a mental ward well when you demonstrate that someone can try to kill you repeatedly steal from you yet paranoid is a reason to detain I think we have reason for execution of treason us lawmakers but we should probably have a trial first so we're better than them. Anyone who makes someone poor and then tells them they should have done something different because they're poor or get over it work more should not just be burned at the stake but done so slowly maintaining their consciousness and life as long as possible

Making terroristic threats illegal sounds all well and good. But if you look at what academia and science have looked into as far as why humans would have such a behavior

The leading theories are those are behaviors that are meant to prevent conflict that would lead to physical escalation and possible loss of life.

Minnesota makes no attempt to ensure any checking is done you can claim to feel threatened after a year-and-a-half of human trafficking someone then continue to terrorize Rob them stock them well there in absolutely nothing conditions and you're stealing everything they make and the police will prevent them from a even filing a police report or heavily sensor what's allowed on it to make it look like you've just reported the same thing again these people should be shot after a trial they should be put to the same standards of evidence that we are

I want to be doing something productive I don't want to be dying early while the state ensures that the last woman who touched me was my mom trying to push me over the railing you sick incest fuck

Ya filthy mouth no excuse find a new place to hang your noose you fucking assholes

or just like threats be more concerned with what you're doing to kill someone in their words about it or maybe why you have the right and they don't oh it's your world right which starts to do the argument that we have more of a competition control system anything about survival of the fittest but hey if we all believe it it's normal and normal is healthy right well that's what a lot of pop psychology is starting to suggest speaking of people that should be popped for treason only after Fair trial though or the trials they put us through one of the two I'm not in a position to decide that I wouldn't want to be I don't want to be doing this but the odds that I can escape it when someone else is doing actions that prevent me from having the funding required to do so. Tell me I'm crazy and I'll show you a fucking narcissist or sociopath cuz you just didn't hear anything that didn't fit with your predatory but that you didn't hear either cuz that you won't admit at least that's the best theory for paulmarlene but hey freedom of speech unless it can be used to you don't even have to say it we can just claim it and your fucked buy weed at me in the position of a fucked this see if they'll make you crazy even if you're not

Don't worry they have a drug for that

has anyone tried to argue at one of these trials that they were parodying a crazy person or parodying a person that would make someone feel threatened that's supposed to be protected speech ?

I'm just parroting someone who would tell someone only to stop them from killing me I'd rather not even talk about parody of parody of parody let's rehearse as far as we canor just pretend that regress means the same thing take a look around

Describe or even define crazy or unwell mentally ill to someone who might be those things but in a position of power and if the circuits that allow them to keep track of perspective and their actions reflected are broken and their brain and then you can describe their actions and in doing so you are crazy these are the people we let Lita's. Depending on the type of damage they can know what they're doing but not feel the light or the conscience hit for enforcing what I just said knowing full well you describe them their parody of themselves

So it parody is protected speech than describing with speech killing a parody As a parody must be protected squared right. I'm just trying to make sense of what's ultimately it is what it is when they want it to be and it's not when it's not. And the way that salt to us is we've been pushed into emotion and subjective land. These lessons have already been written in human blood the only way it works is objective explicit criteria objective explicit evidence otherwise you punished as many Innocents as you do guilties but if we all believe that they're probably guilty of something then the tree fell alone in the forest right well I'm pretty sure my neighbors hear me scream


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