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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Hey Disfiguring to Deadly Dad... what exactly are you giving me?

 take away everything i earn at age 30 for you mistakes steal fellony amounts 2x while ensuring im stuck with your mold problem while you say you own me

ensure i have clyde in fr


oh so what you really give me is pstd 2x before death before you.

yeah sargent hanson is correct. they give me enough.

thing is...

NO ONE ASKED YOU Rory. Its not a criminal matter though its super helpful you help destroy all evidence of how much i earned while holding me from whats also required to determine if what ever they are telling you is even close. 

its also a matter of deciding what you do is worthless in my dads case. because what he wont admit is how long ive done IT support for. market value i wouldnt doubt they owe me. I dont want that i dont want to be dependent. I need laws respected to hope to achieve that though instead ive been human trafficked after and with continuation bio terrorism stalking theft and more. 

maple grove pd basicly justifies killing someone if they end up dependent even if its an agreement and or you harmed them to create the dependence. 

funny town has 55 judges and none wear robes

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