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Thursday, January 14, 2021

How can I expect anything

 The police have demonstrated an absolute refusal to even allow report or confessions of felony level crimes

The people doing this to me file a restraining order then come and steal a felony amount again break into the garage let air out of the tires put tape over the warning light on the dash

I'm left with their mold not even working dehumidifier not even a place to sit down a filthy mattress nothing I work for nothing earned since

It's really cheap for me to destroy property or to say cause a car to spontaneously disassemble

besides just dying or dieing and doing that I don't really see a path forward under these conditions if anything I earn can be taken at any time

and now I'm labeled an abuser on top of it despite not having laid a hand on two people who have assaulted me together three times once was attempted murder

The Minnesota legal system is killing people without evidence the enforcers are executing by subjective enforcement or prejudice non-enforcement selective enforcement I believe is the UN term. University of Minnesota Fairview partnership seems right there to just apply a cycle able to cover their ass. I have no delusion that anyone except Paul and Marlene who have outright said it are out to get me. I think the systems just concerned with any possibility of liability and image control. The fact that I have to say that it's just disgusting some of these people could make the world a lot better place if they f****** jump off the i-35w bridge and land on their head on the shore

Story should read: maple maple police help husband and wife repeatedly tramatize posion assult and steal fellony amounts from their adult son while claiming to own him

I don't want to be facing my own mortality with the last woman to touch me being my mother trying repeatedly to push me over a railing to the basement then years alone stalled stole from forced to deal with their literal posion with Bonnie rabbits remains threatened and Clyde in the freezer

If I was in a position of power and had contributed to this I'd probably shoot myself in the head. 

Maple Grove and PR teams can play it how ever they want but the un recognizes position of power as something the police have and Grant when they selectively enforce. 

A cluster b police force is a danger to all

And there is no equality under the law when one party can rob starve and assult while posioning another but the other is a abuser on their word

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