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How Incest Is Minnesota? The Wild Warped West.

 I just realized as sick as it is; it fits with dropping the world pop. There was this line of thought that some are better than others by bloodline, then they tried to science it, then they hitlered it. that didnt work so well, oh hey lets darwin it in public edu. But I dont want to talk about that or say i know for sure its happening. I dont. well, i do because pop growth rate charts but...

why do people with small minds and or hidden ajendas say its small minded to reference the nazis? 

cause we improved on them in every way is the only answer i can see other than bubble bath dripping from their ears. 

MN Seems to have struck unintentional pay dirt. though maybe mn leaders knew exactly what this was about but i doubt it. theres enough other reasons this could come to be or people in positions that benifit would like it. 

by it i mean using minnesotas police force to inforce incest slavery abuse and murder. 

I  think it justifies poping any police who violate law to enforce it. Another example of purposeful or small mind is "they say they gave you money" therefore it must be black and white and they gave you everything. 

yep, did you give target money shopping there last night? do you own them?

what if i give you a dollar, then put auto turrets on your house and said nope. mine now. i paid you for it. 

More specifically to anyone who wants to argue lines in my sand. ima shit in your sand box. but before we stoop to a level still ashamed to be associated with maple groves sargent notfacer hanson. (en on i just dont care)

  1. I have an aptitude for IT and Electronics that i was able to convert into regularly earning like 5 times mns min wage by 16 years old. less regularly even before that 
  2. you want it both ways and then fuck it sideways again. because they claim they gave me money, they also should be obligated to pay for every hr of service rendered over all those years. Especially when one argues because they say they gave me x xx xxx xxx x^nth. give and take. you want to help them take everything given while telling me they gave me? between paul marlene and the police, my life is being taken. 
  3. Marlene had a much longer and easier run as a st kates adjunct professor because I converted her curriculum to powerpoint (from overhead projector) end of elementary or start of jr high for me. 
  4. Ive worked tons of min wage jobs and better. Id have something now if even the basics of my things and their mold would given(cleaned) and taken(cleaned)
  5. i was very likely to have ended up in CA. Maple Grove Predo deparment enabling human trafficing by a dad that claims to own his son and mom that wants to make him suffer is kinda killing first the 5 year plan now 10. on the plus side another 10 year might be foolish

How Do Maple Grove Police and does MN in general normalize and enforce incest?

its one of those things you are most likely to know when you are least likely to escape. 

But allowing corrosive parents to force labor after 18 and repeatedly steal relocate slander, sabotage triangulate to create a situation where their offspring is disfigured for life already looking at death. 

What makes it really sick is the history..

What makes it really sick is the rececnt history of both parents hiding my keys disconnecting the battery screaming at me then maybe an hr maybe a day later my keys are hidden again my dad needs emotional support because he doesnt have "enough" friends 

or my moms screaming im delusional for a huge mold problem already confirmed;

then i say fuck you and she wasnts me to be her emotional crutch so she can vent about her sex life,


when the police wont allow 3 battery events reported... one of which was attempted murder. she tired to push me over the railing to the basement. repeatedly

police dont seem intrested in fact reports were falsafied to use as weapons other than they might be liable...

actually any time police help parents rape their children's life. i dont have qualms ending theirs. they operate against their mission statement and enforce ickness while ignoring a list of felony crime

Hotel bouncing ends (march 2019)

 Maple grove police helped made sure i had my elderly rabbit friend 3 hrs past checkout at the staybridge. 

my dad had threatened to send me to this tourcher cell 0 usd if clyde got added to the hotel bill. 

paul degeneratetrick also threatened to put clyde in the washer after bonnie died.

 they forced the lease on while mgpd continues to help destroy everything i paid for, evrything i worked for everything others paid for, my body, my mind


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