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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

How Minnesota kills

 There's this dancing act but you better be able to juggle while you do it. You better be able to juggle dance and do so indefinitely without food.

can you do it indefinitely without food while police order you away from public property outside of where all your personal assets in the tangible form are stored? If you say where a plumber could this possibly cost you the income you need to eat?

how about the psychological aspect every time someone wants to steal from you to put you in a dependent state extract labor from you steal more the police are there to relocate you to a facility without even a fucking table to write priorities on?

 if someone wants to commit biological warfare the police will help.

Forced labor on hazardous personal property just call Maple Grove PD they'll assist felony-level thefts well you threaten all of the stolen property.

I mean it's probably just as simple as I decide to stop them stealing from me right? That's sarcasm if you don't understand.

Meanwhile the police having stood between you and recovery of tools you normally aren't with we'll be asking you questions like why can't you just do what you used to do without those tools?

They will do so well trying to paint you violent or bring domestic into play. 

It's anti human. In my case one of the two parties tried to push me over a railing and battered me on a separate event from the  attempted murder the other shoved me across the room. Three counts of assault and battery one was attempted murder. 

Except without recording storage of those recordings and preferably links to the calls and whatever database exists it's entirely possible for an officer to not allow any of that on a report. But report contents could focus on what the party less able to defend themselves and more likely to bring in federal government funding let's build a case on painting him violent okay. Well we're doing things that likely will contribute to his early demise.While the police act to make sure I cannot enter we're all of my stuff all of my personal assets my property whatever you want to call it in a state that theft of property of personal property is inclusive with theft of property as defined by law none the less. some states make a distinction between real property or real estate and imaginary property Minnesota appears to have explicitly attempted to define otherwise except the police will arrest someone for stealing a bottle of wine at a business well helping another party steal and destroy nearly an officer salary of personal property. They will also help threatened it too far slavery even if that includes someone's animals in my case the animals were pstd companion therapy animal s.

But I feel the system is so broken and this might not affect everyone but in my case my mom is a nurse practitioner. I can't determine what if any safeguards are there from her or someone else is logged in modifying medical records which anywhere you've signed a HIPAA release you've also given the police access to. Actually in some systems signing up for their care portal online includes this in the terms of service as well

There is likely an audit log and or access log except for electronic healthcare records systems emrs and e h r s are the acronyms. But that alone doesn't stop someone from doing it because if the policies at the organizations aren't in place to have someone monitoring or to have alerts for suspicious to illegal access... Well if a nurse or doctor wants to use the legal system to harm someone they have one hell of a tool and being able to with little fear of consequence or detection audit their medical records.

When I was on the emergency medical hold generated by falsified police reports. No you didn't read that wrong I was forced under threat of use of force if I did not comply to enter an ambulance where the doctor I had not met signed off on the hold without explicit criteria as to why pretty much as I entered the facility

But the relevant point I wanted to make his elson pointe there was an intercom announcement to please log out of the EHR system immediately because in 10 minutes the system is going to be rebooted. These things were made by people bidding for government money and probably without much regard to their ability to produce. that kind of downtime in today's systems is hilarious but not in a good way in a way that indicates I'm actually probably laying something more secure as I transcribed this over the toilet

But as I pointed out even with a secure system that logs tampering it's only as good as the organization is at checking it and that's only as good as its required and that requirement is enforced by law.

As government partners with healthcare either state or federal level we've literally created the secret non-citizen accessible database on citizens through healthcare that's something called the privacy act Orwell would be pleased or that'll or his bones are an  oil drill.

but that's not even the extent of what Maple Grove Police have participated in. initial $43,000 felony-level theft followed by two after the fact. Two felony-level theft s and several in between.when told the parties doing this one of the two has literally verbatim told me I own you. One Maple Grove officer with another present told me it's not illegal to say you own someone. This was right after communicating a few things and among them was something that caused them to say if that's true we might be liable.

And then they cover to felony-level theft s.well trying to paint me as violent between me being starved for periods of up to four days at a time. In an empty apartment with the creature who was my surviving friend and pet at first getting sick losing the ability to walk well I can't deal with it because I have not even the cage to keep them in I had a fucking mattress and I don't have much more than that now he lost the ability to walk while I'm dealing with a car that Paul made snow blow through the vents that was in there fucking moldy nasty house a car so bad that every time I got in it to get a meal I ended up with a nose bleed. But I'm supposed to clean it with nothing to do so or lose everything Clyde loses the ability to walk about a week later I wake up on top of him having fallen asleep from having to drive to Rogers to get a fucking heater to have any chance of cleaning their  fucking car. 8 months of 2017 was bleeding trying to figure out why rashes craziness in the apartment after cosmos cat died. He lived at their house I transferred their mold problem and visiting him during his final days. A professional confirmed this as I moved back into their house January 2018 having lost the ability to maintain my lease 8 months later they changed the locks keeping everything.Maple Grove Police have helped bar access ever since despite my mom explicitly stated she was my landlord as I moved back in. Services I've rendered professionally even for small businesses since 2004 were performed sometimes outright demanded to the tune of $6,300 in 8 months. I looked up what market rate is in found Plymouth rate for residential it's still likely felony theft of service after you subtract market rent.

Meanwhile police like Sergeant Hansen of the Maple Grove PD while bar ing Access cross extreme borders of ethics by assuring me they owe me nothing as in my parents who are not only doing this with things I earned through hard work and the lives of my animals But continuing to do this to steal to stock to terrorize. they tell him one thing he will outright refuse any side that I'm telling he doesn't want the details is what the conclusion I eventually came true because I went down the process of have I just not communicated anything here or something key? but the truth is as far as I can surmise and research that's the sort of personal judgment that they shouldn't be acting on to begin with but Sergeant Hansen they don't owe you anything what are you doing here John they've given you enough. Yeah enough death for two of us fuk head do you want to join in I've got some for free I've got more than I wanted nothing that I asked for.and the real problem is what I worked for and what's necessary to sustain life keeps getting stolen in criminal acts but you won't even allow a documented you fucking abomination

Yeah I realize that perspective shift occurred in the paragraph above. I hope he reads it someday.I've gone out of my way to be polite and put them at ease interacting in person. Most of Maple Grove Police most all people in general deserve that on a starting basis you don't have to trust them but respect on that level should be given. Most of what some of them there was I'm told we're not holding your stuff come get it I drive down no one will answer the phone in 15 minutes later I've got someone like Sergeant Hansen in my face demanding to know what I'm doing there even when I started sitting out on the public road because I'm not looking to get arrested I'm looking to end this harm to my life. And realizing things like this it became apparent that I would see the police anytime I went down there so I can make sure when I was there at night or arriving at night I'd flip the dome light on even and have my hands visible when they pulled up. I speak to them politely officer hansen will come at me near yelling and right off the bat.

I haven't seen any of the others with that disgraceful of service. If I've done my homework correctly Sergeant usually indicates position of authority or the equivalent of some level of management. Probably the only time in history I think not following the leaders example is working out for the best in a particular organization.I wouldn't say who and I can't say that I know this for sure but other officers when he's present judging facial reactions I think at some level quite a few of them realize he's not quite... How about neurotypical?

Of course good cop bad cop is an old trope. That said with what I grew up with especially when I'm not talking to someone that I'm supposed to trust as a family member or as a former caregiver trust is really cheap and even medical professionals are taught you don't try to treat or diagnose family members because emotional attachments cloud judgement.. it's been demonstrated to me now that both my parents can  flip a switch on inflection intonation and sincerity.they say it's often the truth that children of narcissists are highly emotionaly intelligence. I would theorize this is because narcissist usually emulate empathy and sympathy. Or another words with a bit of intelligence of The logical side and normal II may be elevated emotional intelligence but that's that's a harder to judge or to put levels to... fact that we're so often sold shipped by people who were supposed to trust logical intelligence helps us eventually get really good at spotting when someone is emulating.that never makes it easy with a caregiver because whatever Minnesota la wants to say parents always have a position of inherent trust and society will shame you for not having that as a personal value even when the parents do not deserve the trust and harm with it.but that was a roundabout way of saying that I've personally observed Sergeant Hansen with eyes of rage while inflection is officer friendly. My suspicion would be NPD or aspd but that's a very limited data set and I'll be first to tell you it's an assumption. would be pretty cool if Minnesota would implement psych evals though. Not that that would be perfect either but we claim to respect human rights and features of cluster B disorders do not make for police officers likely to do that. 

The other thing I've noticed is police trying to paint me as violent.  There are federal funds for violence against women law and related grants

Potential exists Minnesota Law implemented things like ofp to collect fedral funds.which would be extremely discriminatory towards men. You have literally equated the ability for an apartment to pay the next promotion to... Meanwhile we're teaching that sexism is systemic and man with the money and power against women? I haven't been getting these invites to how men are going to dominate meetings I don't know if I should have updated my forwarding address or what the case here is. I do know that the class where that was taught at scsu neglected to really define systemic. So what I just said was an attempt to maybe cover what most people think when they hear that. That said i can't think an honest yperspn could define systemic where monitary incentive from a gov agency is bias twords half the pop.. but I can see some misguided to devious soul making the healthcare arguments. women's health why do you need it well because of all other health is men's health...uh okay. I mean yeah there are differences and healthcare or how the bodies are that are pretty inmate but if I remember correctly long before women's health was a thing it was a man that made the realization having doctors wash their hands before child delivery saved a lot of mothers lives. it might even have been a female if it doesn't that's not the important part but that was happening before there was a distinction health wasn't set up with hey let's we're only going to heal men health was set up understanding or attempting to understand humanity and what makes the human body take and how to heal it.

Back to bad to leave the laws Minnesota has implemented ofp through civil courts. if you appear at all you have had at Max 6 days notice. In my case this was a year-and-a-half into forced labor and human trafficking.  

Fuckimg Google. When I try to edit on this phone the keyboard moves the cursor around. Like especially if I hit delete or try to reposition in between two words it will work.but then about three-quarters of the way through the word it's like the cursor jumps back and now I'm in the middle of a word. Which is not stress I need when someone in the medical community is also trying to paint me as delusional I really wish I was dead I really wish if it comes to that I hadn't been abused for 3 years forced to live a year-and-a-half with the remains of one pet in the freezer or actually maybe it's 2 now while they threaten the other while police tell me it's not illegal to say you own someone but I digress

decided to enforce the zero notice lock change eviction and with several thefts in between there is no guarantee I could have held onto any evidence that may or may not have helped me I can think of a few things explicitly that were taken during those steps including medical records which I was given four days notice two of them are weekend days try to reflect a year and a half over the weekend but that wasn't even it. The car had broken down six days before they filed in the court an hour and a half away by car.

then even after that they stalk me and stole another felony amount and the police won't even allow recorded confessions on a report.

Meanwhile between services stolen and personal property you're looking at like 90% of an officers yearly salary. And that's just the best estimate I can come up with without even a place to set the computer. My desktop with better software suites to do it and documents memories that can't be replaced in the form of photos and videos that was stolen April 2020.

The police won't just help kill you they will put you in a state that every day you wish to be dead while disallowing reports feeds the statistics that indicate the need for more violence against women laws. Because a lot of those as far as I can see are based on police reports. Yet there's no obligation for police to take a report. There is financial incentive in some cases for a rest based on well obviously airport or reports generated by a r s driven by violence against women law and subsequent grants from federal to state government you start to get a real nasty feedback loop where police are causing the problems stand to gain from it killing people but at the same time by controlling what's allowed on reports able to justify the need for doing this

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