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I can't tell if life is parody or reality anymore


For those who have trouble with the truncation

The question was what's the rest of the meat made out of? Aka the classic man (person) behind the curtain conundrum

Mobile theme doesn't show embedded YouTube (that link is switchfoot-meant-to-live)

In other news:

I'm blowing out black stringy shit while police won't allow felony-level theft reported. try to paint me as violent. Whether the smell of my corpse causes it or the morally filthy clean up crew that acts while I'm still alive

know that dead or alive I'll be laughing when my unlocked door is kicked in

Race and gender are being used to lead us back into the dark ages.

When we approach equality from the non angel of every group needs their own what we do is make freedom the pea hiding under a shell in that street hustle game

Worse than that, the shells all fear and distrust each other so the hustler always dominates 

The pea  is an illusion like the cake in portals

I put the link/embed for the switch foot song in for 2 reasons. The chours and the line:

We want more than the wars of our fathers.

Can u hear the drumbs beating? They might have a Chinese twang to them. Or it might not happen but war is a pretty effective tool to drastically reduce population when it's used on a wide scale. If you can do this from a position of the Hustler main problem with world war 3 is keeping the new clear Jack in the box in the fucking box

But hey it's not like North Korea focus on air burst EMP weapons

or that the American power grid has a few transformers so large that we can't even manufacture them here anymore.

lights out on an empire is probably anything but it's just another version of the Shell hustle. Or was that the Exxon slide? Cupid shuffle? No no the Casper slide God I'm bad at this

Now play us away Johnny wave good bye atlas

A while back Google restructured a company called alphabet now holds Google.they also own the company called Boston Dynamics that makes the Android visible above

Unrelated but recent advances in something called electro polymers are about to make an iRobot like world. Word has it that babe Android sex workers still needs to clean her vagina in the sink though 😂(reference to a joke made by the show Archer. Electro  polymersa are very real nonetheless.and if you don't get how the two are related it's because a piece of stretchy somewhat flexible plastic that contracts when a voltage is applied is basically a human muscle)

That post 8 based this off of actually evoked two responses 

Someone once told me when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. 

Some people's children

But along the lines of reality or dream and highlighting the importance of what Orwell knew
Someone commented on this: I'm retarded what does this mean 

There are so many ways to kill you now without you even being aware that it was murder not natural death.

But remember if youre a parent abuse the fuck out of your little boy but whatever you do teach him not to hit .

Serfs up bro


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