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Saturday, January 16, 2021

I hurt every day

 I am at risks known

I am unable to follow medical advice

I am unable to follow general health practices

I am unable to do so because Maple Grove in St cloud Police assist to parties in violating law criminal law on felony levels

As this is not a one-time action nor is it something I can likely out earn when anything can be done to me or taken from me and law enforcement will refuse even report there is not a very good outlook to this f***** up situation

This is also along the lines of psychologically conditioning someone to fail

If they don't die first

literally everything on the list of things that Minnesota has ofp or states that it seeks to prevent are actions that before during and after the two parties violating felony criminal law continue to do

In audio recordings posted to YouTube and some here one of the two parties doing them who is also a medical professional nurse practitioner admits that what they do is a hazard to my life

She has also stated I deserve it because I'm a man

The state of Minnesota by definition in making them protected parties

Is protecting two people that are violating felony law to terrorize and murder someone

One thing's for sure I'm more of a man than Paul will ever be. I'm more of an adult than Marlene could understand.

If you do back on this blog there's several instances of SEIU numbers texting me as well. How much of a f****** coward do you have to be to dad?

You assaulted me not more than 10 seconds after asking if I know why you are better than me and saying it's because you don't lose your cool

Minnesota police will help you commit felonies up to and it sure looks like taking someone's life and ability to escape

Meanwhile all of the legal entities involved I'm more concerned if you might threaten the life verbally of someone taking yours

sometimes Paul tells me he owns me sometimes he tells me he's doing nothing sometimes he tells me I deserve it all because I'm a brat. Yeah you f****** child molester how do I deserve you f****** up your house?

Paul and Marlene have stolen vacuum cleaners three times while I deal with mold they paid to have professionally remediated.

If I scoop some up put it in an envelope and send it to Minnesota elected officials...well even anything that appeared to be what started out as soil bacteria during the anthrax scare...

I don't want to hurt anyone I need my rights respected I need to be able to recover and to do that I need to be able to eat a half decent meal to have it desk to not deal with their mold everyday trying to make a budget on a desk that's literally f****** covered in it

If I could have deserved their mistakes.
I've been assulted
My credit credibility and health destroyed
Forced to labor for 9 months in hazardous conditions just to get labeled the abuser despite never having gotten physical which is not something they can say truthfully
Labor well even the vacuum cleaners get stolen
Well I go up to four days hungry for sicko to tell me he owns me
meanwhile Marlene can't answer if her dad was diabetic but sends me giant candy barswell they make sure I can't eat let alone cook how I taught myself over 10 years of not f****** living there

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