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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

I just threw up in my mouth a bit

 What's odd is I wasn't even thinking about officer Hanson.

Blew this out earlier :

The Moto e6 really shows it's price point in the camera . Also some apps the s9 just flew through I sit here waiting. Still over all impressed for the price point. Probably the last phone I ever have 

Killed two fungus gnats today. I'm so glad police play stupid with wondering how multiple fellony level thefts could endanger your life.

For equality sake I hope they order the Dr delivering their children to wear only 1mo old /warn clothes and not to wash their hands before delivery 

I also hope after covid they keep wearing masks, cough on someone with out and that level of stupid may prove communicable 

No worries here I won't live long enough to find out .

Correction ...3 fungus gnats

As i typed this I slapped my forehead

Maple Grove pd derp fuhrer of the industry 

Where the industry is insuring victims of forced labor multiple felony-level robberies physical assault and poisoning die in poverty 

Rummor has it this was a booming market while rome fell as well

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