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Monday, January 11, 2021

I need me vacuum back, a desk and non contimated chair to sit at

 they stalled to make sure I can't filter the air I can't vacuum even if I could vacuum I'd have to move around piles of clothes on the floor I hate you nasty f****** I did not ask to be alive I didn't when I was supposed to do be evidence to that it was this I wasn't supposed to have to figure out what was wrong with your f****** house you f****** nasty abominations and supporters with badges

The majority of Maple Grove Police or I should say I've seen at least 50% and the majority of that

Could be summed up as:

Liked taking kids bikes and lunch money an elementary school? Moved to Maple Grove and police will help you bully and forced labor from your adult offspring until they're dead for your mistakes

You can count on Maple Grove PD to do every known thing better contribute two temporary all the way to permanent brain damage but starting with cognitive dysfunction and do so while threatening to throw you in a mental ward

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