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Thursday, January 14, 2021

I really want a salad. Dark leafy greens

 Maybe a rare steak au pouvoir to go with it. 

Instead I have crippling trauma and conditioned helplessness through trauma enable by felony-level crimes the police will not allow reported .

And Clyde in the freezer. No working vacuum or air filter, no abiltity to wash towels bedding or clothes  but I aam blowing out black in filth with clydes body in freezer and nothing in kitchen 

Headlites out on car possibly leaking oil as well.

Maybe ac/DC will come to the rescue and Sue the state for infringing on dirty deeds done dirt cheap

FYI: move to mn and police may participate on highway robbery forced labor and human trafficking till you die in infestation with your friend in the freezer 

Mean while the now retired 25 year VP of seiu local 284 who claims to own you is watching this. 

is the modern respectful greeting for Minnesota police heil Hitler or Union Yes Massa?

Oh that's right it's shut up and die isn't it

on the flip side if we survive long enough and the only option is I for I Bonnie and Clyde were basically my kids

I'm likely at risk for type 2 diabetes I probably have a fungal infection of the scalp and sinuses that's going to take some creativity to transfer

I think a lot of people would be dead already. My mom a nurse practitioner Asher's me that if it was a mold problem I would be

they also paid to be rid of the mold problem that was real that they caused but only for them

But you take away is police will help not only break the law but force something that a medical professional admits is conditions dangerous to life

And do so for one party claiming to own another

Yep slavery is gone in Minnesota. Because we said so nope if you think you are we said you aren't

well I said I wasn't scalping the police officer while I was not scalping the police officer you could try telling me I'm alive if I'm dead but I don't think these things really work that way

Again I don't think that's how reality works but I've been given a delusional delusional diagnosis so what do I know

Best we medicate my corpse to correct these delusions of harm still occuring

I mean it's almost like if for whatever reason and officer wants to threaten the use of force after telling you you're being detained before I met you I decided before I met you you're going in either way...

and if not complying with the officer is a crime that can equal detainment it's almost like I had a f****** choice.

it's almost like 100,000 Americans to 250,000 Americans a year don't die of errors on medical records 

Or like a doctor was respecting clinical ethics when he told me he doesn't need to see or doesn't want to see the mold pro email communications with patient allowed arnt  phones on the ward

If you like the prospect of dying in an infested s******* of totally preventable illness Minnesota is a great state to move to. You're absolutely going to love how you can be forced drugged and detained for 3 to 5 days if not indefinitely with zero requirement review evidence and based on hearsay you'll love it all the way to death

you'll love it so much you'll be glad that for white people Minneapolis Police don't call a powderpuff huddle and tell you to take a knee. 

which presents a more serious version of the same twisted logic because say he had tried to use Force to save his life. Just like the moment you don't comply you are now legally detainable anyway. Accept the moment you try to forcefully resist the officer killing you well how do you think that is going to end?

Do trials and settlements really matter for George Floyd?

For anyone who is injured disfigured disabled by police activity let alone left dead?

I've got a proposal for justice, it might even undo slaughterhouse and it can feed the poor

you make 911 a pork rib delivery hotline 

 you're going to need some butchering skill 

Two birds with one stone?

police were literally slashing tires on entire blocks in Minneapolis I think people are going to need the food


Although it might be more effective to take a rud look-alike device and repeatedly place it on cars belonging to the city.

I believe standard operating procedure is to detonate anything suspected of being capable of that with a robot.

I would have to think that would get rather expensive rather quick.

If you estimate two officers per squad that's at least 28 vehicles in Maple Grove and if you got them on a day where they were all working and slap something look alike on personal vehicles that as well all the sudden Trump cardboard box and a piece of sticky tape the city is now paying for 138th vehicles plus the cost of explosive to safely determine their no longer not unsafe

Go with 30k per and the 4million rounded 

Plus I haven't seen it has happened but here's the thing about the large businesses the state needs to stay afloat, they bail with that sort of uncertainty.

hit them where it hurts but don't actually hit them cuz where it hurts is their wallet

Was funny I started NDSU in 2006, few years into it the standard procedure was still drop your backpack outside the bookstore so you might not steal anything by having your backpack. Or another words seas of backpacks outside the campus bookstore. Then someone left a gym bag full of gym clothes in the bus stop and after the bomb squad sent gym clothes flying everywhere all of a sudden that policy at the bookstore changed real quick.

Our friends in Europe we're way ahead of us there you see things like clear trash cans threaded harder to hide something in there that might pose a threat

The biggest issue I see is we talked about domestic terrorism but the easiest way to cause that is to treat people unjustly or start out right executing them without trials

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