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I should be

 Working for the likes of Starlink, Tesla, spacex, a security firm or just about any it or coding career.

I had networked (people) set up the projects and did the work.

Paul and Marlene wuethrich take it away basicly saying sorry you paid him and paid for these things but John can't come out of play cause we want to poision Rob and assult him oh and Paul owns him.

Maple Grove and then St cloud police were like "sounds good to us"

More recently Marlene insists I just must have never done anything I said. Between their thefts stalking and police having given them control of all property after I moved back I'm (also enabling them to steal 6300 USD in services, besides the videos on YouTube of projects in the last 5 years they have all the evidence/history I'd need  to prove that 

The computer with all of my digital memories a,portfolio and several thousand In legally liscensed software suits was stolen from my garage in April 2020

On a phone I still have (screen broke after Clyde died) I have a confession from someone who several times mentioned my dad contacted him that both parents told him how they thought he could stealy last client

Maple Grove police help people that literally claim to own other people get away with crimes that endanger and destroy people.

Mean while family court is set to allow parents to further destroy any adult offspring on and the hearsay claim  of feeling threatened .

Togeather with the police censoring what's allowed on or not allowing reports dependant on or discriminatory against offspring it's a one two punch of a predatory government.

Do 6.3k of work while mistakes your parents made leave you dependent and bleeding from the eyes, they physically assult you after claiming to be your landlord. 8mo later they change the lock and despite that being fellony theft of services police not only aid and bed it but the likes of Sargent notficer Hanson assures me things like I live the life they givee enough they owe me nothing while other officers incesed (not an error) I. Can't file theft I gave them my things moving out.mbop also assured me slamming a car door on my leg wasn't assult or battery

As there is no fedral office of violence against men or associated grants for arrests.. 

I wonder..

Then there's the fact there's 3 police union locals and 3 seiu locals in MN. Ctw contains them noth, my dad was VP of one of the SEIU locals for probably 25 years and all the police seem to want to shoot the shit with him after I'm ordered off public property outside the house that was 4em rent current for a year and a half after they changed the lock and still would be.

Can't say that's proof but others have noted it's odd both quanties of officers that respond and shooting the breeze after.

I should be doing something other than dealing with threats to life by non enforced law

Something other than pondering how we could possibly expect corruption wouldnt get into the police department .

Who over sees or audits them? Who handles investigations of misconduct?

No one and them. That doesn't fly with accounting practice why do we let it with people who kill others and don't usually face charges for doing so even if other person was complying ?


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