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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

I think I can eat

 I just don't see the point or want to do it on filthy matress or car again 

Paul the child molester knows second year of college i had a place populated   with mostly stuff from their house some I bought some hand me downs and all the rest was from a grandma who had just died. 

I happened to break the leg on the table for the kitchen

Pale and Marlene are nerotic narcissistic soon-to-be lethal control freaks to the point if I haven't used a gift they gave while working 60 plus hr weeks .... Heaven for bid I'm an entity. Not an emotional rape doll or more recently actual prisoner

But with Maple Grove PD there better be actual chains and f****** testicle plants because just the person chained down there probably going to ask you why you're not strong enough to break them

St cloud PD has their back so I fully expect my body to be found

But right before predo and malices mold hit

I have finally fixed the legend had a kitchen f****** table I wanted a kitchen f****** table the whole f****** time

Can't wait to f****** die after my parents f****** molest every aspect of my life to the point of rape

Maple Grove PD should be known for what they do

When you help somebody who literally claims to own someone else get away with physically assaulting them and even stealing their f****** bite you're probably the Maple Grove predo department

But hey if you cause mental illness or greatly contribute to it through the brain damage associated with severe trauma

Statistics show as a police officer you can just shoot a person for it

I don't know why anyone calls a predatory department for help. 

We're one f****** sadistic culture

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