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Friday, January 29, 2021

I Taught myself

PCB design, uv uv litography, made the tools to do UV lithography at my apartment

So Paul and Marlene make me sick and in conjunction with Minnesota's Maple Grove Police take away everything I've ever owned steel felony amount assault me and make sure I can't even use them let alone sell them or deliver them to the parties that contracted them

Is minnesota planning to export it's brand of police or are we just going to clone their knees as a future export?

I think I found how it works with Sargent Hanson and killing people . Damn it auto caps gave more respect than deserved.


Warning about that link. It's been a long time since the internet produced something that made me uncomfrotable. Arguably Hanson's first hit meat spin was bad butttt.. that link is extra special

Maple Grove PD , framing people and killing bunny rabbits all in a day's work 

Heil derp fuhers of the industry

This was testing of my PCB coil was  any good. Led is solder to crossed it

This is a board was meant to be the next version of the one you see below. The function at the top of the one below isn't included on this boardlittle bit different purpose with add-on boards being the idea. Understanding what you're looking at helps if you know what Photoshop is or ever used it. The concept of layers is what's going on anything blue which is the only layer I have enabled in this photo other than pads by the looks of it blue is the bottom layer where there's blue copper remains when the board is constructed. You start with piece of fiberglass laminated and hella glued copper foil on both sides it's a subtractive process where you eat away the copper you don't want and you're left with all the what would have been wires that interconnect independent components and multi-component chips.

The image below helps understand that. Blue you see on the actual copper clad which is the word for a PC be blank or a blank page equivalent of a printed circuit board, the blue is acid resist. I've already transferred a cad design pattern true the photosensitive film that hardens and becomes resistive to acid. What you do is a bunch of preparation to get copper in the right shape and achieve good cohesion but and I sense you laminate this film over one or both sides of the board and then expose the pattern and during the development process what isn't required to create a desired remaining copper washes away. That way when you dunk or spray depending on process what you see below in acid something like 10 minutes later somewhat temperature dependent you end up with only the copper that was under the blue remaining.

above is a good example of why you do printed circuit boards. Think about what I had to do to construct what I'm holding. Every piece of wire every line of solder took some amount of time. The wire you strip it on both ends then you solder it on both ends every action has a finite or range of how long it takes and that adds up quick.  designing in CAD and doing the somewhat complicated or process intensive development and etch you end up saving time over the alternative as soon as you reach a certain level of complexity and really it's not that far or many components into that equation.
It's quicker to do it all at onceand generally produces a more durable resilient product. The moment you put the board above in something that gets moved around everyday you're stressing every little wire that's not glued down as well as soldered.

But if youdo a bit more work you can make it even quicker or you can send out and have this done for you if you're willing to wait after making the design but what's not shown here is you can do what's called a solder stencil.

back to that concept above where the program works like Photoshop where you can layer or subdivide logical parts light top layer bottom layer of wires and part placement every component you add has these layers built into it. there's a type of mounting called through hole which is the green circles you see on the cat above on the more complex with cosmos and there's surface mount which uses pads without holes to the other side just flat pieces of copper exposed.

If I go to add in the design a electric switch known as a transistor and I pick a surface mount one whoever input the part B at me or a downloaded part all of these layers are usually pre entered

there's another layer you probably think of circuit boards is green that's like an epoxy coating over the top. which again can be a photo process where it hardens and is exposed with a pattern that's called the solder stop. So I know they had a transistor and it has a layer that tells it where to interrupt solder stop or where the pads are in the design I can tell the program to only show me a certain layer and how every part has modified that layer

so it becomes possible to create an aluminum or other material stencil that fits exactly where you need solder and they make solder and I'm paste format rather than just a wire format. So you put that pencil on top then you squeegee liquid solder over place your components after removing the stencil. Now you've got solder that just needs to be heated and everything in place at once you put it in an oven specially designed and you just soldered 500 things in 5 minutes or significantly less it's been three years since I've been allowed to touch this stuff because Paul calls me human property and the police support him

this was my take on how to do vacuum pull-down for exposing the pattern. When light goes through different mediums attends do go off in non straight pads or angled lines I think refraction is the concept I'm looking for but it happens especially where there's an air if you have air gaps between the printed pattern and the film you're trying to expose tip limits how small of features are lions you can make.the bottom layer of the box above is three layers of Plexi and the middle is a few support scraps but mostly hollow. This thing works at roaches because I didn't drop plans for it I just saw it in my head and went to home Depot to get the pipe to fit in the side.the hardest part year was sourcing the top sheet of glass inside that pulls down and allows the UV light to pass through. if you've ever looked at glass from the side most of it has a green tinge that is iron added to the glass while it's made I believe it's supposed to make it a little more flexible but it also tends to block ultraviolet light.it's called UV lithography for a reason and that would be a little problematic for the application.

Probably the closest I'll ever get to working with or for Elon Musk .

Tesla acquired Maxwell last year I think maybe two years ago maybe more I don't know Jim and property is kind of hard to keep track.

the $100 drill press that is part of the tools held for me really struggled to do this. But I did manage to tap the copper.at one point one of the blocks came free of the clamp I had it in and thankfully its trajectory was away from me because I hit the cinder block in the basement room with a thud that indicates I might not still be here. As a friendly reminder best way to not be the shop teacher missing a finger it's to think about things like what could go wrong while I'm doing this what could hit me what could that mean how does that happen how can I minimize it. That won't make you bulletproof but it's better than not doing it

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