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Monday, January 18, 2021

I wonder what Dan markingson was eating or not

 I wonder what police who bar to the justice system by enforcing human trafficking like conditions well refusing to even allow reports a felony level theft of battery and assault more theft threats to the stolen things to force condtitons of near impossible labor in the conditions picked by the people forcing it with the threats.

Or in other words if they wanted it actually done if it was about getting it done not about hurting somebody they would have listened when I said here's what it would cost here's what I need to do it please don't make me do this this is a terrible waste of my time this is sick or has the likelihood of making me sick xcetera then Clyde is sick then Clyde dies and then we start threatening Bonnie's ashes will Clyde as in the freezer

I'm still in an empty apartment over garage it gets to 50% humidity regularly 60 is frequent and above 

I wonder what the corrupt police who forced this taste like

That's weird all mud no pig 

More so than markingson what was up there? I'm self aware to the point that I know to think out why I might feel some way

I know in his case vague details like he had plans to kill some people not sure how specific

You start tossing around words like delusion psychosis thankfully it looks like we might have outlawed RX kickback but while I was abducted and well he was committed they were legal from everything I can see what's funny is how little conflict of interest is present on anyone's mind today or slavery. Or if we do think of slavery we think of splitting black and white right?

we have devised the system where you can put people through psychological conditions the Geneva convention wouldn't allow and then the doctor with no oversight can give you a label that makes you a slave and a prisoner and there's little you can do it can test it who's tired of everybody

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