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I would not recommend going near mental health care in Minnesota. I actually don't feel comfortable with any health care in Minnesota anymore

 Fact that what type of hold I was put under was technically initiated by the doctor once they arrived at the hospital indicates there's likely some 

free agreement ahead of time because the doctor made it official the office or threatened use of force to get me in the ambulance and that was about 20 minutes after calmly talking to him and one of the first things out of his mouth was I decided before I met you you're going in tonight

Which is awfully odd because at the time I was 30 no history of mental health problems I had mild pSTD that I recognized and went inside help for way back in 2006 or 7 and then went up to NDSU. I'm not even sure if you saw or could see those records I've since learned they can see some healthcare records.

Do a little bit of nastiness in the thing labeled the healthcare information patient privacy and portability well pretty much sign away your privacy and add portability to the police if you sign for portability anywhere else.

actually a lot of places there online portals whether you read it or not if you've created that account you have giving the police access to your medical records I'll happily take this page down but I'm probably going to die before I even get to touch the things I worked for again or stop the terrorization that has cost me everything I worked for for a future stop the felony level crimes the assault the theft the stocking the terrorization

But yeah between that with the record staring bitand seemingly pre-existing agreements between the bar association medical industry and police because when I got out and called the bar hotline which most people without the money or the knowledge of a ready to go to lawyer would do so we're definitely targeting the people least likely to defend themselves already

bar association hotline tells me no one touches these cases they just get you to look you over and if you're out that's it

So there's literally no one holding them to this in Minnesota police can abduct you for 3 to 5 days 

The jail you'll see you're taking too will be a medical facility

They don't need any reason

but like I said the way mine was done that hold didn't become official until the doctor signed off on it

There is a holds that police can execute but that would have required Sergeant Hansen having a spine. When I complied to step out I got frisked searched at the same time so I can pretty much for myself into kid but I don't think he has ethics honor or a spine.

But that coordination they wouldn't have set that up if they that there was a chance this doctor I had never met before was going to say why the hell is he here?

at one point while trying to just go up to my hotel room I think they would have gotten me in their butt I went and got snacks at the gas station came back and this was all predicated on Paul and Marlene my parents plan to harm me. I believe them to have personality disorders my mom outright said I'm going to make you suffer for taking my time with my husband and this was in response to her house having mold that contaminated my apartment

So yeah they were out right fabricating police reports exaggerating them but the idea was they were being used as a weapon you can also shift context or block out just spoon-feed parts of a conversation to greatly change anything or if facts regarding that conversation like what you're talking about if you say hand something to an officer and said no this isn't true that can change things drastically to o

but nothing's more drastic than the police force this wild and a medical industry that just signs off on it no questions asked. I'm not sure if it's changed I've seen some indication that might have but while I was under that hold it would have been legal for any Doctor who is also in charge of if I can go or not it would have been legal for them to get a third-party big pharmaceutical company bonus for deciding I needed to be drugged

When I was transferred to the mental ward the EMTs told me they will tell the staff that they don't see why I'm here

Then like 24 hours later I got there at night I'm meeting with the doctor and I've been just ask home but all the sudden I need to be on an anti-psychotic sedative

Dr Boris is said to know two languages

Yet I don't see how

сука блять

Can be lost in translation for clinical ethics. I wouldn't doubt in the first to use that particular phrase but other people have described issues with the u of m Fairview Riverside as well especially where there's conflict of interest and clinical ethics involved

I can't conclude anything as I am one data point but the little bit of logic with notficer Hansen and the doctor I haven't met who signs off on it that could be wrong I don't think it is. If that's going on and all that issue goes on at Riverside which is pretty severe and frightening when you read about it it would appear that the medical system and the police in this state are not to be trusted.

Here's the thing I've got to look but actually I did look. Disobeying an order from an officer the scope of its really weird in Minnesota. It's supposed to be related to automobiles. I happen to be in one but I parked and they had pre-plan this to get me in the hotel room I come back from getting snacks and tended to go up there and go to sleep and I parked the car and squad car blocks me in ambulance pulls up next to it so I don't think it was the nature of that law to have allowed that as a fallback but I wouldn't doubt it would have been used we can detain you anyway for disobeying an order or put you under arrest but I don't think he has enough of a spine to have done that. If one was able to four scoop ability I think because of the way the hold was set up that would go to the doctor that's why I'm saying that Rory has no spine

I respect all officers of the law I just haven't seen anything that indicates he is one. he does usually have a gun on his shoulder though so face-to-face communications are generally done with respect on my part regardless of the insanity on his part because I don't know it just seems a little bit counterproductive to staying alive anybody with a gun that seems easy to unhinge...

I might respect him if he put it down I guess we have to cross that bridge if we came to it

I can say for sure I'd respect him quite a bit if you played Russian roulette with his semi-auto and full clip.

That's mainly due to the next meeting with him. At age 16 my dad almost died of an aortic aneurysm I had mild pstd probably from everything that I'm figuring out now quite a bit but the being one to find him getting him the medical attention you needed there was this girl GoGo sequence where I didn't have time to process what I was doing so that didn't help anything. I was okay I recognize that I needed someone to talk to which should be further indication that I didn't but I can't fault him because he doesn't necessarily know that or not but nothing done after that has shown any concern for my life or firm criminal law. In fact Maple Grove Police make decisions to ignore even saying hay could you cut it out to people violating felony-level criminal lawwell they try to paint me violent but it creates a life in danger and situation where I end up going hungry and human trafficking forced labor conditions but what I was getting at is the next time I was to see Rory 1 the therapy companion animals I had from 2007 on had just died. Bonnie. Other officers went into my parents house to get their side of the story that night and I recognized that he was the one who have done the mental hold or the emergency medical hold so I asked him what type of law did he use because I told him I looked up the types and he said you won't find what I did in Allah book or something very close to that I think I've written it better elsewhere long ago then when I said isn't your power bound by the law book he changes the subject to why do you push your mom around? Which it was funny cuz two times later I think I had like this distinct impression he didn't understand the word allegedly. She in fact had tried to push me over the railing to my death would not quit pushing me when I backed up which put my back at the railing and she kept pushing I didn't push her at all I took her by the arms and we walked to the corner slower than either of us has ever traverse that alone while doing so she calls out you bastard I brought you into the world I can take you out of it that would seem like a statement of intent to me. I don't know though I'm going to die a layman at this rate because no crimes will be even told hey cut it out when done to me but they've been trying to paint me as everything and anything they can

I grew up stuck between a rock and a hard place now we just have the Minnesota legal system and medical system making it a predatory place in a predatory place until the grave.

The biggest problem we seem to be missing isn't race because this could affect any race and the total number of police brutality incidents even if you want to talk only centered on race and centered on Floyd the United States has an alarming surplus compared to any other comparable Nation for how much how many people police kill every year that needs to change but stuff like this does too because this kills you as well it just takes a little longer and in some ways arguably less honorable by the officer. You make someone suffer before they die suffer alone and terror I mean they shouldn't be dying without a trial either way Minnesota doesn't have legalized death penalty so it shouldn't be dying at all but people are either directly or like this


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