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Saturday, January 2, 2021

I wouldn't doubt they will cover

 Labor unions are by nature fraternal orgs with esoteric practices goals and values 

That said a guy named John youngdol who linkden says is out on CA was likely in charge of Paul wuethrich when he was accused of sexual misconduct at work 

Iirc this was during the SEIU hereos program to try to get Kerry elected 

At one k from racial how about another k to further the title ?

If the American people were smart or perhaps less distracted  busy programed and mislead

Maybe they  would take those words at the beginning to heart and apply a concept :

If an org is expousing values it doesn't seem to be following internally it's not to be trusted. 

I have to believe Kennedy would agree that secrecy is fine for an individual. But when context is large orgs with political influence transparency becomes one of several keys to mantaining democracy attonomy and freedom for individuals 

Not sure if referencing a man shot In the head is a great idea. One think I know is I'd have a lot more respect for Sargent Hanson and the police if they made my parade mind blowing. Raining starvation poision and assult is a cowards parade (metophiricly not alogoricly)

Here's another symbolic gesture. It might not be clear but I'm demonstrating my license to use my third digit

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