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I wouldn't wish this on anyone

 This is someone else exausts and posions you while solving problems they caused and asulting you. While doing other work for them as well

Police acting on their lies them likely oneffort to avoid liability offer the will be murderers everything you have ever worked to earn making it negative pay while enforcing human trafficking and allowing threats to it and animals to command labor and entering contracts with third parties.

Police them refuse reports while party claiming to own you and forcing hazordus labor steals what you've earned since while isolating and starving you.

The time spans involved make it so even if I start from the street and happened to pull myself back up I likely died of cancer right after or heart disease something along those lines.

but they don't just steal to starve they steal to make sure I can do nothing I enjoy nothing I usually profit from and have none of the memories they steal to make sure I can't accomplish anything or keep commitments to third parties

stolen to ensure I cannot prioritize.try making a map forward when anybody can do anything to you and this has been demonstrated in the police will focus on if your violent or said violent things afterwards not the felony level crimes being committed that endanger your life

I would rather someone shoot me then do this

But as I believe in choice and autonomyif I was going to kill someone else and had the power to enforce this I'd probably ask them.

No I can't see a scenario where I could get that mad at someone

Maybe I would just kill them. my main point is I don't need to be experiencing this harm and if this was a possibility why wasn't it communicated in the ages 6 to 18 in which I attended public edu?

This is the police assisting in murder of people

and when you think about it nothing that humans have figured out how to do to prevent corruption or ensure equality and justice quality injustice none of those controls are enforced on the police.

What I mean are consequences from deviating from the stated mission statement and objectives protocol for detaining anything they state is how they operate...

if no one holds them to it it's nothing but PR to propaganda.

Accounting has better controls then we put over the police. Generally accepted accounting practice includes the need for regular review of the books oh, it's called an audit. It also requires that the review be done by a third party. External audits and reviews. conflict of interest is what the external element close to prevent. If you like me external be say another holding company for the company under review its not in their interest to report any mistakes found

What I find very interesting in the land of the free is the federal government wouldn't be hurt by stepping in to punish a state for violating its own laws. The way the money relationship works is the states usually have to get the money from the businesses and population by the taxes as far as I understand it. Yet there's not a case I know of or even proposition I know of to ever have done this this way

If it can be done in a civil court it's next to useless if State start using the police to do what they've done to me. It's basically a Mexican standoff where if the police have realized which they said to me point-blank if that were true we might be liable and then it got ten times worse in their enforcement but the other party is causing the majority of the harm. Unless you think that constantly stealing from someone couldn't prevent them from getting to civil court finding a lawyer managing a case managing to attend..

What I'm getting at is it's really easy to stop someone from Justice or even stop the state from killing them stop a third party from any justice for the harm's done by the 2nd or whatever order you want to numerate them in

Probably worth noting here United States has the highest percentage of its citizens incarcerated. Land of the Free is a joke

The other controls you can push on an organization or implement I'm down to basic human psychology. In some cases it's less effective but when applied to a job where you have power over others what's really disturbing about the police in Minnesota is 50% of those terminated end up rehired due to Union arbitration. Or to put this insight terms there's little to no consequence 4 negative behavior in the extreme. Police are rarely brought to trial for outright killing someone in Minnesota. If they're terminated there's a 50% shot they get their job back. Yet we stand here scratching our heads as to why it's hard to implement reform in a police force. Why would you change if there's no consequence and it takes effort to do so? The only thing keeping most of us safe is most officers our people. I'm up in the air as to whether I still believe NPD and aspd people deserve the title people even if by classification they are. Most people don't want to hurt other people. the real problem with positions of authority and power over others is they tend to attract NPD aspd and BPD individuals. What's really appalling is there's no psychological eval or police either. not saying that that would catch 100% but we need to not think in 100% terms just like stopping Corona just like life is normally lived outside this insane media normalization of the traits of these diseases life is in shades of grey and percentages

But to notficer Sargent Hanson of the maple Grove pd allegedly is an unfamiliar concept and on his own words he can do things like force detainment with no law I'll find on the book

Maple Grove pd is as deadly and criminal as anyone they might bust . If not more. Because the truth is they have the power to cover the body trail they create

The current cell, or rather flat / apartment that I referred to as the torture cell

my last apartment all of that is on the third floor of a building without an elevator all of it was moved built and or set up by me mostly like 99% of the time alone. When I'm not fighting them trying to arrest me and fighting I'm trying to paint me as unable to care for myself while playing the narcissistic and sociopathic games of gaslighting the basics like hey how do you do that when someone can steal felony amount from you why are you concerned with anything other than the criminal law here you want to talk about my psychology when you won't allow criminal reports for criminal activity. I'm not trying to call you a pig but when you define it ...
oink you f****** abomination

Is it better for the state that someone who can can teach themselves to make a working custom-made electronics and circuit boards end up in a mental ward or prison or that that person be allowed to complete the work others paid for. If we only employ people to arrest other people because they won't don't like being robbed by people and the police of their very life itself we're not going to have a state for very long

The medical research is there and not really contested some of its as old as 1944 done in Minnesota. Research that suggests biologically speaking of person is very likely to get angry if you do things like make them go hungry malnourished to starved emotional control becomes very difficult without the nutrients your brain needs so does cognition in general

Maple Grove pds officer Hanson or rather Sergeant Hansen was
 shown this photo
It's of a moldy headliner on a car Marlene has been driving to children's hospitals and clinics where she works in the NICU

the car I was forced to labor on for nine months under threat to myself my animals the remains of my animals all of my property

Maple Grove police departments Sergeant Hansen I didn't see that put the phone away

What I look like after being physically abused starved malnourished work to my limit for nothing or negative physically assaulted murder attempted

This is my dad breaking that you has opened Bonnie's rabbits ashes. She was cremated and her remains addressed to me sent via United States Post service

Maple Grove Police demonstratively only give one f*** abou federal law and it's only in cases where they can use it to see these things. Police forces behaving like this with the realization that Duluth was talking about getting rid of theirs and realized the union makes that impossible well if you can't fire them can't get rid of them and they can do whatever they want to citizens this should be viewed as a hostile takeover

They should be viewed as an invading sovereignty

The type that weapons on hip will separate you from everything you worked for and try to paint you as violent while you're being starved robbed and abused well someone's trying to kill you they will be more worried about did you possibly say something violent

It puts the lotion on its skin and then it gets the court again unless the officers want to kill it first

Minnesota should consider adding a TM after Justice maybe spell it with a dollar sign
MN Ju$tice™

They better act quickly to register federally oh, soon your average rational adult might not be able to tell the difference throughout the country

MN Crimimal Ju$tice™ presents Uncivil Court and Criminal Court

Why is criminal in front of both? Truth in advertising .

Unless the police put the show and or body on ice 

What's really messed up is federal definition of domestic violence and support lines are all gear 2 or being set in a way that define it between two partners. Usually a man hitting a woman that is going out with or married to. many places mention it affects the kids but nothing is set up to help them there doesn't have to be anything specific if criminal law was enforcedbut you like I might find that's not the case

More and more we see this usurping of the justice system at all. Minneapolis has put in place laws allowing landlords to evict based on number of police calls. Which is something not only can someone not control but something someone wishing to harm them can easily exploit against them

What's even more sad is on learning this I looked further because it was up the general Ally of things I was researching. There's government papers acknowledging they know landlords are doing this to get rid of tenants they don't want


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